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Comprehensive participation rate for art popularity in Ningbo exceeds 77%

On the evening of April 22, the Ala Modern Orchestra held a live show on the Douyin platform, bringing the public a fresh online concert experience. This is just one example of the “art for people” cloud services of Ningbo Cultural Station in exploring the new models for public cultural services. The activities concerned have been working on Ningbo’s pilot area for art popularity. So far, the comprehensive participation rate for the art popularization among all citizens in Ningbo has exceeded 77%.

According to a survey by a third party, the “viewing” activities for the “art for people” campaign is as high as 76.47%, and the rates of the activities that fall into the categories of “training”, “cultural and artistic groups” and “cultural and artistic composition” have also increased a lot, demonstrating the successful achievement of the cultural popularization work over the past couple of years.

It is on August 8, 2016 that Ningbo launched the art popularization project with the theme of “art for people”. And in December that year

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Ningbo promotes tourism in cooperation with other cities in Zhejiang

From April 24 to 26, the tourism department of Beilun District, Ningbo carried out the tourism promotion activities in Yunhe County of Lishui and Kecheng District of Quzhou, launching the campaign of “Zhejiang tourists’ tour of Zhejiang Province” in cooperation with partner cities.

Since the start of the “tourism partner project”, Beilun District has conducted cooperation in various fields with Yunhe County and Kecheng District, especially in the cultural tourism field by giving full play to the advantages of each part. This time, the district conducted the promotion activity to promote the work resumption of the tourist companies and the recovery of the tourist market.

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Shaw Charity Culture Promotion Association established

A few days ago, China's first social organization named after Shao Yifu-Ningbo Shaw Charity Cultural Promotion Association was established.

The association was initiated by Ningbo University, Ningbo Institute of Engineering, Ningbo Shaw Vocational High School, Ningbo Filmmakers Association, Ningbo University Park Library, Ningbo Shaw Middle School and units and individuals dedicated to promoting Shaw Charity Culture Development. The unit in charge of the business is the Ningbo Federation of Social Sciences. The Promotion Committee will devote itself to the development of Shaw charity, the excavation, sorting and promotion of charitable cultural historical materials, the promotion activities and academic activities of the Shaw Foundation project to serve the development of Ningbo, and the relevant departments to carry out the development and protection of Shaw ’s former residence and cemetery.

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Places related to books

Ningbo, a city of books, represented by the library building Tianyi Pavilion, also has a lot of places whose names are closely related to "books". Behind every name, there is a reading story of Ningbo people.

Large and Small Academy Lane

The former Moon Lake Academy is located here.

When it comes to names related to books, one cannot but mention the  Large Academy Lane and Small Academy Lane near Moon Lake. The specific location is behind the Shipu Restaurant on Yanyue Street.  

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Construction of 4 cross-river bridges in Ningbo goes further

Three construction projects of Zhongxing Bridge including the ancillary part, bridge approaching and ground work have kicked off, forming a three-dimensional construction process. At present, the work of steel guardrails has been finished, and the paving of asphalt on the ground and bridge face is underway.

“We have overcome the shortage of construction materials, medical supplies and construction personnel, and the construction now goes well. The whole project is scheduled to finish by the end of June 2020, with the exception of some areas to be demolished,” said responsible person of the project.

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