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Ningbo Library offers accessible films to visually impaired readers

December 3 witnessed the 31st International Day of Disabled Persons. On that morning, Meimei, a member of Ningbo Library’s visually impaired readers group,“watched” the movie CZ12 online at home. “Ningbo Library helps us a lot, and now we can watch movies, listen to lectures and receive training through the group. It’s really convenient.” She said happily.

This group is an online platform specifically for visually impaired readers. Since its establishment in the first half of this year, it has regularly screened 3 accessible movies, held 6 training sessions on the use of smartphones for the visually impaired, and recommended nearly 20 pieces of audio books.

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Unusual peaches and rabbits in Chinese Impression Exhibition

Peaches and rabbits, these two classic symbols of traditional Chinese culture, are presented by artists with modern thinking and artistic tactics, bringing people different aesthetic and surprises. Recently, a two-person exhibition of Hu Haifeng and Fu Lei's Chinese Impression was held in Ningbo.

 The exhibition is sponsored by Ningbo Artists Association and Ningbo Art Education Guidance Center, and undertaken by Ningbo Fine Arts School and Ningbo Art Museum. Nearly 50 pieces of works created by two artists from Beijing were exhibited, injecting vitality of the new era into the art world of Ningbo.

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Nantang Old Street titled as “provincial tourist and leisure block”

It is recently learned from Haishu District Culture, Radio, Film and TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau that Nantang Old Street has been successfully selected as one of the second batch of provincial tourism and leisure blocks in Zhejiang Province, the only one in the city.

With seven cultural relics sites and over 30 time-honored brands, the one kilometer long main street epitomizes the traditional culture of Ningbo. As one of the eight major historical blocks in Ningbo, Nantang Old Street is a commercial block with historical and cultural characteristics, integrating historical relics, tourism, cultural leisure, local time-honored brands, famous and high-quality products, and home stay inns.

In order to speed up the integration of culture and tourism, Nantang Old Street has gathered a wealth of business forms in recent years, including five sectors: “local taste in Nantang Street{, “world of food”, “poetry and faraway places”, “home for  night owls” and

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The 2022 Ningbo Live E-commerce "Top Ten" Series List Was Released

Yesterday afternoon, the 2022 China Ningbo (Qianyang) Live E-commerce Economic Summit Forum was held in Zhejiang Qianyang Economic Development Zone. This is the first summit forum with the theme of live streaming e-commerce economy launched in Ningbo, and it is also a landmark activity platform created by Ningbo to promote the high-quality development of live streaming e-commerce economy.

Based on indicators such as live broadcast traffic, fan maintenance, product sales, and impact radiation, a series of lists such as the top ten live streaming e-commerce brand enterprises in Ningbo in 2022, the top ten live streaming e-commerce bases in Ningbo in 2022, the top ten live e-commerce service enterprises in Ningbo in 2022, the excellent cases of Ningbo live e-commerce "Gongfu Workshop" in 2022, and the top ten live e-commerce anchors in Ningbo in 2022 were released.

The second batch of Ningbo "green live broadcast room" cultivation list was released at the same time. 40 live broadcast rooms on different platforms were selected.

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Don't Miss This Seal Carving Exhibition at Your Doorstep, and See the Beauty of the Canal from More than 200 Printing Screens

"The sky and the earth are wide between square inches, and the intersection of gold and stone is great." At present, the 6th Zhejiang Seal Carving Exhibition of "Wu Changshuo Award" is being exhibited at Ningbo Yangfan Art Museum, and more than 200 printing screens have attracted many calligraphy and painting lovers. In front of the exquisite seal carving art works, citizens have checked in to take photos.

As the most representative special seal carving art exhibition in Zhejiang Province, the 6th Zhejiang Seal Carving Exhibition of "Wu Changshuo Award" is jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Municipal Federation of Literature and Culture and Zhejiang Calligraphers Association, and jointly organized by the Seal Carving Creation Committee of Zhejiang Book Association, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo Calligraphers Association, Ningbo Printing Society, Ningbo Tianyi Culture and Ningbo Yangfan Art Museum.

According to the organizer, the authors and works submitted to this year's seal carving exhibition reached a record high, and a total of 560 submissions were received from all over the country, nearly double the number of submissions in the past, including 103 in Ningbo.

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