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More "beautiful bays" will be built in Ningbo

According to the latest implementation plan for the prevention and control of water pollution in the coastal waters of Ningbo (2021-2022) issued by the General Office of the Municipal Government, Ningbo will implement prevention and control of water pollution in the coastal waters with high standards, and comprehensively improve the level of marine ecological civilization construction.

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Ningbo's public service quality satisfaction ranks among top ten nationwide

The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration recently released the "2020 National Public Service Quality Monitoring Bulletin". Ningbo's public service quality satisfaction in 2020 is 82.4 points, ranking first among 110 cities in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) under monitoring, the highest in history.

The purpose of public service quality monitoring is to comprehensively reflect the state of public service quality in our country, improve shortcomings, and continuously improve the level of public services. The monitoring involves 12 aspects including public education, public employment, medical services, social security, public utilities, ecological environment, public transportation, public safety, public culture, public sports, elderly care services, and government services.

From the perspective of monitoring cities, 48 have achieved a satisfactory range of public service quality (80-100 points), accounting for 43.6% of the total number of monitored cities, an increase of 6.7 percentage points from 2019.

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First rural "rejuvenation children's palace" of Zhejiang opens in Cixi

Recently, the first rural "rejuvenation children's palace" was put into use in Dianqiao Village of Changhe Town, Cixi County. As a public education and cultural service place for primary and secondary school students and preschool children in the rural area to carry out moral cultivation, sports and entertainment, labor practice and other activities, the rural "rejuvenation children's palace" will make use of the existing facilities and rely on voluntary service to actively provide children with conditions for happy growth and opportunities to realize their dreams.
In order to further improve and innovate the ideological and moral construction of rural children, at the end of last month, the Chinese Central Civilization Office deployed to carry out the construction of "rejuvenation children's palace" in rural areas. Cixi County has become one of the 50 pilot counties (or districts) in China.

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8th charity entity opens in Ningbo

On June 22, Ningbo Yongshang Charity Social Work Service Center officially opened, becoming the eighth charity entity run by Ningbo Charity Association.
It is reported that Yongshang Charity Social Work Service Center was registered and established in November 2020. It is a private non-enterprise unit sponsored by Ningbo Charity Association and managed by Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau. It is supported by the operating funds from Youngor Group. The internal space of the service center is divided into seven areas: charity culture exhibition hall, party building area of charity organization, charity + Internet space, charity resource gathering area, charity activity area, joint office area and Ningbo Charity Store. Each area shows the development of Ningbo charity cause and Ningbo people's great love for charity from different angles.
"It will become a platform for serving charity organizations, a base for planning charity projects, a school for imparting charity knowledge and a window for displaying charity culture, providing more accurate services for charity organizations, caring enterprises and government departments in Ningbo." said Chen Yunjin, Director of Ningbo Charity Association, when asked to define the center

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Hot-running test of Phase 1 of Rail Transit Line No.5 launched

Ningbo Rail Transit announced on June 20 that the first phase of Ningbo Rail Transit Line No.5, the first fully automatically operated line in Zhejiang Province, officially started the hot-running test, after the key nodes of "rail transit" and "electric communication", laying a solid foundation for the opening and operation within this year.
The first phase of line No.5 is from Buzheng Station to Xingzhuang Road Station, with a total length of 27.9 km and 22 stations. At 9 am, the launching ceremony of the hot-running test was held at the Dayang River Station. Under the condition of normal power transmission of the line, the test relies on the self-operation of the metro train. With the three rounds of operations respectively at low speed, medium speed and high speed, it aims to comprehensively detect the power supply, signal, communication, route, electro-mechanical equipment and other system equipment of the line.
The first phase of the line No.5 is the first fully automatically operated metro line in the province, with many debugging scenes, a complex process and high technical standards. The smooth progress of the hot-running test node has laid a solid foundation for the later

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