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CTA500 (Ningbo station) held

The Ningbo station of the 2021 China Tennis Association Tour (CTA500) started shooting at Ningbo (Yinzhou) Tennis Center. Over 100 domestic amateur tennis players gathered in Ningbo and brought a wonderful tennis feast to the local spectators.

The total prize of the competition in Ningbo is 30,0000 yuan, for the five groups of men's singles, men's doubles, women's singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. Among the contestants, there are such famous amateur players in Zhejiang Province as Ye Bo, Xu Huifeng, He Kaifei, and Wang Qiang, and many high-level youth trainers from Ningbo, Hangzhou, Taizhou and other places, including Chen Yiru, a 14-year-old girl who won the champion of women’s singles last year. According to the staff of the event organizer, the CTA500 series events are open to all elite amateur tennis players, so that they can have the privileges enjoyed only by the professional players in the past, including the central court (which can accommodate 4000 spectators), video live broadcast, score live broadcast, media interview, etc. It is a very valuable opportunity for Chinese young players to participate in the China Tennis Association Tour.

The event was hosted by the Tennis Management Center of the General Administration of Sports of China, China Tennis Association, the Sports Youth Program Center of CCTV, Ningbo Sports Bureau and Yinzhou District Government.

Cultivating Ningbo Civilization and Fashion with Habits

Civilized custom is accumulated. Stepping on the brakes in front of the zebra crossing, an orderly line in front of the subway waiting line, consciously use public chopsticks and spoons during dinner...In Ningbo, more and more citizens choose a civilized lifestyle and share the fruits of civilized happiness .

Since last year, our city has continued to carry out the action to cultivate good habit of civilization, starting from the daily life, grasping the "key sections" of civilization, guiding citizens to speak civilized, do civilized things, and be civilized people, and further enhance the civilized quality of citizens and the level of social civilization.

"Nowadays, the concept of civilized travel is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Most electric bicycles wait in an orderly manner after the parking line, and the phenomenon of pedestrians running red lights is also significantly reduced." On the evening of the 15th, the traffic civilization volunteer Wang Yuefa of 81890 in Haishu District guided traffic at Jiefangbei Intersection. . He wrote four sentences about his experience in participating in civilized transportation volunteer service: "Civilization guides me to do it first, and cross the streets to raise the flag. Order and safety are all responsible, and red stop and green line are rules."

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Archaeological discovery demonstrates Zhejiang's vital role in the history of Chinese civilization

On November 10, the Provincial Government held a press conference on "Zhejiang Archaeology and Chinese Civilization" to showcase the important contributions and brilliant achievements of Zhejiang archaeology in the history of Chinese civilization, and to demonstrate Zhejiang’s vital role as a star in the search for the source of Chinese civilization. Among them, Ningbo archaeological highlights such as Hemudu Site, Jingtou Mountain Site, Shi'ao Ancient Paddy Field Site, Shanglin Lake Housi’ao Site, Heyi Road Southern Song Shipwreck, Xiaobaijiao No. 1 in Ningbo have been mentioned one by one.

 In 1973, the discovery of the Hemudu site in Yuyao and the establishment of the Hemudu culture, which shocked both China and the world, expanded the field of Chinese Neolithic archeological research. It was the first proof that the brilliant and ancient Neolithic culture also existed in the Yangtze River Basin, where is also the cradle of Chinese civilization. Recently, the Hemudu site was named one of the “Top 100 Archaeological Discoveries in a Hundred Years” in China.

The Shangshan site is the earliest relic of rice farming in the world that has been discovered so far. It proves that Zhejiang is the birthplace of the world’s rice culture, while the Yuyao Shi’ao site has discovered an ancient paddy field in three prehistoric periods (from the early Hemudu Culture to the Late Liangzhu Culture). This ancient paddy field with an area of about 80,000 square meters is the largest and oldest one discovered in the world.

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Fine management system leads to a more beautiful city

In accordance with the standard of advanced cities, Ningbo has built up a full-coverage, full-process and all-weather urban fine management system. Great progress has been made in smart urban management, urban appearance and environment, waste classification, landscaping, municipal facilities, public utilities, comprehensive law enforcement and other aspects. Citizens' satisfaction with urban management has significantly improved. Therefore, Ningbo has become cleaner, more beautiful and more orderly.
Now, from Tianyi Square, Zhongshan Road and the Old Bund, to the Moonlake Park, the Cultural Plaza and Nantang Old Street, the effectiveness of the urban improvement actions over the past years and the improvement of the citizens' civilized quality can be seen everywhere. More and more public activity spaces are becoming the popular places for citizens to enjoy the beautiful life by just sitting down on the ground.
The building of the demonstration area for "sitting-down-on-the-ground" urban living room was started in July last year. This year, Ningbo has continued with the building, with an addition of 40 spots. So far, the completion rate of the building has exceeded 90% since the Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau began to carry out the evaluation in October.

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Ningbo will build 3 "one-hour traffic circles"

It is learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau that Ningbo’s "Transportation Action Plan for Common Prosperity Pilot City" was recently released. The plan clarifies that the transportation goal is to basically build a world-class strong port and form a "four ports" linkage development pattern. Three "one-hour traffic circles" of provinces, cities, and urban areas will be built, and more than 85% of towns and villages can get on the highway in 15 minutes. It will create the national demonstration city with "Four Goods Rural Roads", and the integration rate of urban and rural public transport will reach 100%. Traffic congestion in cities and highways will be significantly curbed, and the average speed of buses and trams in urban areas during peak hours will reach 20 km/h.

3 "one-hour traffic circles" will be built in an all-round way

According to reports, the plan has four key tasks and three major reform tasks. Six aspects are mainly involved in facilitating people's convenient travel.

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