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Ningbo develops 5G industry

It is learned from the Ningbo Branch of China Mobile that after careful testing of the 5G network of 56 major cities in China by the headquarters of China Mobile, Ningbo has been included in the top ten outstanding cities of 5G network. To be specific, Ningbo ranks No.1 in terms of the network testing results and No.4 in terms of the total scores.

As the important basis of the new-generation digital economy, the 5G technology can not only bring about the faster network speed but also drive the in-depth integration of the communications technology and the entity economy, thus resulting in a series of new applications, new models and new industrial patterns. In

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The works of Ningbo writers selected as "Chinese Fiction·Writers’ Series"

The first series of "Chinese Fiction·Writers Series" edited by the China Mini-Fiction Society was recently published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. Four mini-fiction personal anthologies were released. Xie Zhiqiang's Jiangnan Liaozhai and Zhao Shuping's Ten Miles Red Makeup were selected.  

Xie Zhiqiang's Jiangnan Liaozhai expresses myths and legends and folk tales in the Jiangnan region for thousands of years with a contemporary perspective and spirit, creating interesting, affectionate, and warm group portraits of people. The magical color technique and the texture of realism make the long-distance traditional culture seem to shine in the sun, with a unique mood atmosphere and a distinctive "myth system".

Zhao Shuping's Ten Miles Red Makeup consists of love, local memories and city stories, as well as classic legends and contemporary anecdotes. Based on reality, the author unfolds rich imaginations, and strives to make breakthroughs in traditional narratives. With rich details and condensed brushstrokes, he constructs a corridor of ordinary people, and shows the light of humanity in the vicissitudes of life

A new bookstore opens in Eastern New Town

Ningbo Reading Center for Staff , the first reading space of this kind located in the Eastern New Town, was officially opened to the public on July 5, adding a ray of cultural ambience to the city.

Located on the first floor of the West Building of May 1 Square, the Yue-Read Museum is comprised of the Ningbo Workers’ Cultural Palace, Ningbo Xinhua Bookstore Group, Ningbo Library, the Cooperated and operated by Ningbo Publishing House, it covers an area of more than 1,800 square meters and is divided into two branches: Xinhua Bookstore and Ningbo Library’s May Day Branch. With a collection of nearly 50,000 books and volumes, it is the city’s largest collection of books,

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Ningbo Botanical Garden caters to tourism needs

Ningbo Botanical Garden, the first phase opening in 2016, centering around flower viewing and planting experience, worked to develop “flower and fruit tour”. The third “fruit tomatoes” festival held before the “May Day Festival” provided colorful and various tomatoes which attracted tourists’ interest. And some new varieties launched by vegetable cooperatives and tomato growers were sold across the country via livestreaming during the “May Day” holiday.

In 2020 “May Day Festival”, Ningbo Botanical Garden held many activities themed “intoxicating beauty in May Day”, such as appreciating delicious food, delicate things and picturesque sceneries, and guiding citizens and tourists to seek for and enjoy the spring. At Gate 3, the five-day fair was a meeting of a wide range of local snacks, famous specialties and handmade cultural products. In the water restaurant, “Land and Water” yoga performance allowed people to relax in the nature - running water, sunlight, flowers, plants, breeze, paddle boarding.

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