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2023 Ningbo Information Network Security Summit held

The 2023 Ningbo Information Network Security Summit Forum was held on the afternoon of February 26, attracting over 400 experts, industry elites, and representatives of key network security industries such as finance, education, electricity, and transportation to gather together for in-depth exchanges and in-depth dialogues on the theme of “guaranteeing data security and promoting digital economy”, as well as the joint exchange and study on the new features, new models, and new business forms of the development of the network security industry, thus providing suggestions for the high-quality development of Ningbo’s network security industry.
As the second largest economy in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo has been building a data governance system based on the full-life cycle of data for the construction of its digital economy, and promoting the orderly construction of data security governance.
At the forum, the newly developed network security awareness training course of Ningbo Computer Information Network Security Association was officially launched for member enterprises, industry practitioners and the public. The course delivers network security knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, and popularizes network and data security laws and regulations, to improve the public awareness of network and data security, and enhance the level of network security capabilities of enterprises and institutions.

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Ningbo has another green urban living room

Rendering of Minghu Lake in Eastern New Town. (Courtesy of Sun Jia and Wang Zheqian

It is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development yesterday that the first bored pile of the tunnel construction of the Southern Minghu Section (Phase II) of the Eastern New City was successfully drilled, marking the substantive construction stage of the project.

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Ningbo white-collars were most satisfied with interpersonal relationships last year

Are you satisfied with your work and life in Ningbo last year? A few days ago, Zhilian Recruitment released the "2022 White-collar Satisfaction Index Survey Report", which includes the job satisfaction index of salary and welfare, training and learning, job promotion and interpersonal relationship, and the life satisfaction index of physical health, mental health, sex life, reading, vacation, and accompanying family.

The data show that the job satisfaction index of white-collar workers in Ningbo is 2.37; the life satisfaction index was 2.40.

From the perspective of various detailed indicators, as the "six consecutive titles" of the national civilized city and striving to create a national civilized model city, Ningbo's interpersonal relationship in the workplace appears to be very harmonious. According to the data, Ningbo white-collar workers are most satisfied with interpersonal relationships, with a satisfaction index of 2.49, followed by job promotion (2.47).

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“15-minute smart recycling circle” to be built in Ningbo

“Garbage is a misplaced resource”.

According to the “Implementation Plan for the Construction of the Recycling System of Waste Materials in Ningbo (2022-2025)”, Ningbo will adhere to the principles of government guidance, market leading, innovation guidance, urban and rural coordination, and step-by-step implementation in recycling, and achieve the sustainable development of the recycling system of waste materials in the city by improving the recycling network of waste materials, improving the processing and utilization level of renewable resources, and promoting the development of second-hand commodity trading and remanufacturing industry.

By 2025, the marketised sustainable operation mechanism of Ningbo’s waste material recycling system will be further improved, the urban and rural coverage of the all-category collection and transportation system will reach 100%, and the renewable resources will achieve full collection of all categories. The the central urban area will achieve full coverage of the “15-minute smart recycling circle”.

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