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Civilized tourism campaign launched

The Civilized Tourism Joint Meeting as well as the civilized tourism campaign launching ceremony was held in Cixi County on July 28.

At the ceremony, it is highlighted that the campaign is a specific measure and an important carrier of the citys efforts to build the 5th-round national civilized city and build the prominent city in China. To achieve civilized tourism, Ningbo will focus on civilized services, like improving the public service infrastructure facilities of the scenic areas and improving the civilization standard of the employees of the tourism. it will also strengthen the publicity of civilization and raise the awareness of the tourist enterprises and employees, persuade the tourist out of uncivilized behaviors and improve the tourists civilization quality and the whole societys civilization standard

2017 International Island Tourism Conference to be held

The Beautiful Eastern Zhejiang report delegation was greeted by Zhouzhou and Shanshan, the mascots of the 2017 International Island Tourism Conference when they arrived in Zhoushan on July 23. This has been the second consecutive year for Zhoushan to host the conference, which has played an important role in building the tourism brand and attracting tourists for the city. The conference will be held from September 21 to 23 at the Zhujiajian Island, integrating 11 major activities and four supporting activities. Meanwhile, over ten routes of sea island tours will be recommended to promote the island tourism and the all-for-one tourism in Zhoushan.

As Ningbo is a close neighbor of Zhoushan, Ningbo citizens have taken the lead in enjoying the favorable conditions for tourism to Zhoushan and experiencing the island tours. As is known, from December 1 last year to January 25 this year, Ningbo citizens enjoyed the 50% discount or even free access to 32 scenic areas in Zhoushan with their ID cards. Statistics show that over 45,000 Ningbo citizens have got the preferential tourist treatment

Smart tourist platform for Siming Mountain launched

The smart tourist platform named "Beautiful Siming Mountain", developed by Yuyao Supply & Marketing Cooperative, was launched in early August. This modern agricultural business platform will serve the villages of the Siming Mountain area with the new model of "rural tourism + farm produce consumption". 
So far, the platform has covered the six villages of the area, providing such services as agri-tainment, B&B, and online booking and payment of scenic area tickets. Besides, there are offline service centers in all the villages to offer convenient financial and logistics services to tourists.
The Siming Mountain area boasts good-quality tourist resources and characteristic farm produce. The launching of the e-business platform, another channel for business income for the villagers, will promote the coordinated development of the regional tourism and agriculture. "The villagers can sell some products around the scenic area, set up agri-tainment or B&B units to provide food and boarding for tourists, or sell the processed farm produce online and offline." said Xie Junsheng, who is in charge of the Yuyao Hall of the smart tourist platform 
Reportedly, in the following year, the "Beautiful Siming Mountain" platform will be expanded to the whole Siming Mountain area with its service functions and economic benefits, exploring a new road for e-business, exploiting and green development

Over 7 million tourists visit Ningbo

It is learned from Ningbo Tourism Bureau that during the National Day holiday, Ningbo received 7.1662 million visits, with a tourism income of 5.489 billion yuan, up by 1.72% and 3.45% respectively over the same period of last year.

During the holiday, the scenic areas and spots launched colorful farm tours, coastal tours and forest tours, attracting a large number of tourists. Such activities as flower appreciation, crab fishing and water chestnut picking launched by the Fishing Center of Mushan Lake of Yuyao County attracted about 2000 tourists on the first day. The farm, tea and folk experience activities of the Hucheng Township and Qiantong Town of Ninghai County attracted 702,000 visits. The Shipu Fishing Port Ancient Town and the Chinese Fishing Village of Xiangshan County organized several featured tours with the theme of fishing culture and folk culture. For the first three days of the holiday, the Tantou Mountain Island area received over 30,000 visits. Statistics show that such major scenic areas as Xikou-Tengtou Scenic Area, Film & TV City of Xiangshan County, the Dongqian Lake area, the Songlan Mountain area, Ningbo Botanical Garden and Fantawild Oriental Heritage all received over 100,000 visits during the seven-day holiday.

The tourist facilities in the urban area were also popular. The "Saturday Date" activity of the Old Bund area attracted 115,000 visitors. The "Posting Nantang to the World" activity of the Nantang Ancient Street also attracted a lot of tourists. The children's dramas shown at the Poly Grand Theatre at Ningbo Cultural Plaza were well received by the children

Meishan Initiated Tourist Resort Development

Recently, according to Beilun tourism department, Meishan has set about developing its tourist resort to transform it into a place with more comprehensive recreational functions from a mere scenic spot.

Meishan is located in the southeast Beilun, famous for its beautiful scenery, fresh air, outgoing people and rich resources. It has long enjoyed the reputation as a “green land”. In recent years, as the ¥100bn-worth island development program proceeded, various construction projects were initiated in Meishan, like the Meishan Bay Lanhai project, the China Port Museum, F2International Circuit, Waterfront Beaches, etc. It can be anticipated that in the near future, Meishan will become a vital tourist destination in the Yangtze River delta region.

Recently, an assessment panel of Zhejiang Tourism Bureau came to Meishan. It appraised the tourism resources in the area after visiting the core tourist attractions including Meishan Waterway and the Yangsha Mountain and also the construction sites of several vital recreation facilities like the circuit, beaches, etc.

After the field survey, the panel was introduced to the holiday resort under construction and then reviewed the factors contributing to its value, like its distinctiveness, reputation, quality and so on. Moreover, the panel also learned about the siting, development, environmental effect and land use concerns of the resort from relevant departments

“Meishan has unique tourism resources, suitable to develop a coastal holiday resort.”The outlook of Meishan’s tourism industry received unanimous praise from the panel which also suggested that Meishan should strive to improve the auxiliary infrastructure and quickly set up a management committee. According to the regular processes, an evaluation report on the value of the tourism resources in the resort will be announced several days after

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