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Unusual peaches and rabbits in Chinese Impression Exhibition

Peaches and rabbits, these two classic symbols of traditional Chinese culture, are presented by artists with modern thinking and artistic tactics, bringing people different aesthetic and surprises. Recently, a two-person exhibition of Hu Haifeng and Fu Lei's Chinese Impression was held in Ningbo.

 The exhibition is sponsored by Ningbo Artists Association and Ningbo Art Education Guidance Center, and undertaken by Ningbo Fine Arts School and Ningbo Art Museum. Nearly 50 pieces of works created by two artists from Beijing were exhibited, injecting vitality of the new era into the art world of Ningbo.

 Hu Haifeng, graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is an artist deeply influenced by Chinese classical culture. He has dabbled in many art forms and languages such as oil painting, ink painting, and printmaking. He especially loves painting peaches.

 “Peach has been abstracted from the concrete in my works, and has been recreated. Sometimes it is simple, sometimes charming, and sometimes bright. When I express it in the form of prints, it has a decorative effect and a sense of contemporary art. In this way, I can create a new world for people. It opens up a  space for visual art imagination." Hu Haifeng said. In 2017, Hu Haifeng's work “Peach” once represented in Times Square, New York, USA, and his works were collected by many art museums, art institutions and individuals at home and abroad.

 Fu Lei, also from Beijing, is a multi-talented artist who has made achievements in many art forms and visual languages such as sketching, oil painting, acrylic, ceramics, and sculpture. His works have been collected by many art galleries, art institutions and individuals at home and abroad.

 Inspired by the myths and legends of traditional Chinese culture, his “Master Rabbit” is a series of humorous and witty images with modern characters and the character of a mythical fairy rabbit as the main subject.

 “The rabbits I painted contain irony hidden in the absurdity. By endowing the traditional Chinese shape of rabbits with contemporary concepts and aesthetic tastes, a hilarious and pleasing artistic effect is achieved.”said Fu Lei

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