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The 2022 Ningbo Live E-commerce "Top Ten" Series List Was Released

Yesterday afternoon, the 2022 China Ningbo (Qianyang) Live E-commerce Economic Summit Forum was held in Zhejiang Qianyang Economic Development Zone. This is the first summit forum with the theme of live streaming e-commerce economy launched in Ningbo, and it is also a landmark activity platform created by Ningbo to promote the high-quality development of live streaming e-commerce economy.

Based on indicators such as live broadcast traffic, fan maintenance, product sales, and impact radiation, a series of lists such as the top ten live streaming e-commerce brand enterprises in Ningbo in 2022, the top ten live streaming e-commerce bases in Ningbo in 2022, the top ten live e-commerce service enterprises in Ningbo in 2022, the excellent cases of Ningbo live e-commerce "Gongfu Workshop" in 2022, and the top ten live e-commerce anchors in Ningbo in 2022 were released.

The second batch of Ningbo "green live broadcast room" cultivation list was released at the same time. 40 live broadcast rooms on different platforms were selected.

In order to promote the standardized development of the online live broadcast industry, build a good industrial ecology, and create a positive and healthy online live broadcast space, "Role Model New Voice and Integrity - Qianyang Online Live Broadcast Environmental Proposal" was released.

12 live streaming projects, including the strategic cooperation project of commercial and trade circulation in the live e-commerce agglomeration area, the vertical e-commerce industrial park project of Ningbo Central and Eastern European countries, and the cross-border live broadcast project of Little Elephant going to sea, were successfully signed

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