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Ningbo Library offers accessible films to visually impaired readers

December 3 witnessed the 31st International Day of Disabled Persons. On that morning, Meimei, a member of Ningbo Library’s visually impaired readers group,“watched” the movie CZ12 online at home. “Ningbo Library helps us a lot, and now we can watch movies, listen to lectures and receive training through the group. It’s really convenient.” She said happily.

This group is an online platform specifically for visually impaired readers. Since its establishment in the first half of this year, it has regularly screened 3 accessible movies, held 6 training sessions on the use of smartphones for the visually impaired, and recommended nearly 20 pieces of audio books.

In addition, the group organizes reading sharing sessions and activities such as reading classics and hot books to make these readers learn the latest information at home and abroad. Meanwhile, there are several staff in the group to answer readers’ questions like opening hours, intelligent book-listening machine, etc, providing online consultation in real time. Currently, there are over 100 visually impaired readers in the group, and it is well received by many of them for its strong interaction and engagement

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