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Cold drinks takeaway has doubled

The European Cup ignites the online late-night snack economy

As European Cup has opened, Ningbo fans ushered in a month-long “midnight carnival”, and Yongcheng’s night snack economy was ignited. The rise of watching football at home has made instant retail a bright spot.

In the past two days, on major instant retail platforms, merchants operating lo-mei, fried chicken, barbecue and other categories have put on the shelves of European Cup viewing packages, and convenience stores have put beer, liquor and other cold drinks in the “C position”.

According to data from a takeaway platform, since the start of the competition, the takeaway volume of ice and cold drinks in Ningbo has increased by 124% month-on-month during the night snack period, and the number of “partners” such as liquor, tea drinks, and drinking water has increased by 85%, 39%, and 32% respectively month-on-month.

As night fell, Ms. Chen, a clerk at a chain convenience store, began to stock up: “In the past two days, beer and liquor have been selling very quickly, and fruit-flavored drinks are also very popular.”

In addition to beverages, nighttime orders for fruits such as lychees, grapes, and watermelons increased significantly month-on-month, with an increase of 163%, 121%, and 93% respectively. The takeaway volume of snacks such as marinated cold vegetables and jelly pudding increased by more than 30% month-on-month; Barbecue, casserole, wonton, hot and sour noodles have increased significantly month-on-month and are favored by the public.

“Before the European Championships, we were ready to open late at night.” Mr. Wang, the manager of a barbecue restaurant in Dongyu Night Market in Yinzhou District, said that last weekend, the number of late-night takeaway orders increased significantly, by more than 20% compared with usual, and business is expected to be better on important competition days such as semi-finals and finals.

Liu Chong, a delivery rider, also turned on the “overtime mode”, extending the off-duty time from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the usual time: “The number of night orders near hotels, shopping malls and pedestrian streets has increased a lot, especially half an hour before the competition of popular teams, and it is common for a community to deliver a dozen orders.”

Industry insiders said that based on the data of various platforms, the number of takeaway orders of female consumers is significantly higher than that of men, and most of the fans who stay up late to watch the game are fans under the age of 35, which coincides with the mainstream customer group of instant retail. Next, how to read the “business book” of the European Cup, it is still necessary to consider the consumption needs of the target customer group and the performance timeliness of instant retail

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