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Brand new night view of Sanjiangkou

to be unveiled during the Spring Festival

As night falls, the dazzling light show with the melodious music, shines over Sanjiangkou... Yesterday, it was learned from Ningbo Cultural and Tourism Exhibition Group that Sanjiangkou in Ningbo will have a brand new night view during the Spring Festival.

Sanjiangkou is located at the intersection of Yaojiang, Yongjiang, and Fenghua rivers. It is a connecting point of the Grand Canal (Ningbo section) and the Maritime Silk Road and an important platform for showcasing urban charm, quality, and culture. At present, the night economy demonstration belt project in the core area of the Three Rivers and Six Banks is being promoted. It will deepen the construction of a riverside landscape belt with a total length of 18 kilometers, integrate the buildings, green landscapes, bridges, gates, docks and

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Ningbo Airport ushered in the peak period

of inbound and outbound passenger flow

“I want to go to Hong Kong in the near future, how much cash can I bring?” “I want to bring some Thai medicine with me, is there any restriction?” ...... With the Spring Festival approaching, the popularity of outbound travel continues to rise, and there is an endless stream of passengers who consult Ningbo Airport Customs about entry-exit related issues.

According to statistics, from January 1 to January 9, Ningbo Airport Customs supervised a total of 123 inbound and outbound international passenger flights, with more than 14,000 people entering and exiting, an increase of 48% and 50% respectively compared with January

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The 60 online exhibition programs of the "Children Spring Festival Gala"

go viral. The selected outstanding programs will appear on the stage

Passionate dances, emotional recitations, creative stage plays and melodious instrumental performances ...... Since December 14, 2023, Yongpai and Modern Jinbao, together with Ningbo Literary and Art Education Guidance Centre and Ningbo Variety Education Guidance Centre, launched the "2024 Ningbo Children Spring Festival Gala" event, schools in Ningbo have been actively sending their submissions. Since the launch of "2024 Ningbo Children Spring Festival Gala", all schools in Ningbo have been actively submitting their programmes, and the enthusiasm for participation has been very high. At present, among the large number of programmes collected, Yongpai Client has selected 60 programmes for online broadcasting, and the comment section has received many positive comments:

    "I didn't think there was a comedy programme, it's so interesting!"

    "These Children are awesome!"

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"Tianyi Night Banquet" debuts in Hangzhou,

how to serve landmark scenic spots, authentic Ningbo cuisine "in one pot"?

The Spring Festival is approaching, the streets and alleys "fireworks" rise. 7 January, 2024 "taste of Zhejiang - a hundred counties and thousands of bowls" food day activities and food culture and consumer season kick-off ceremony was held in Hangzhou Nongducheng food plaza, the province's food in the staging of the "mobile feast". The province's food here staged a "mobile feast".

As "China's tourism open tour", Ningbo brought what "food temptation"? There is an official "must eat list"? How to eat a good price?

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First new year concert for talents from home and abroad held

“This is my second year in Ningbo. It feels great to enjoy music with so many Chinese and foreign talented personnel.” Last night, Professor Stefan, the “Camellia Friendship Ambassador” of Ningbo and the Vice Dean of the Sino-German Brand Department of Zhejiang Wanli University, was invited to the Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater to attend the first New Year concert for Chinese and foreign talents in Ningbo.

The gathering of nearly a thousand Chinese and foreign talents is the biggest feature of this New Year concert. According to a related person in charge from the Talent Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the organizer of the event, in recent years, Ningbo has consistently focused on the building of service brand for the talented personnel by improving the “general principles + special policies + customized rules” talent policy system, and has thus attracted outstanding talents from various fields at home and abroad.

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