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First Guqin Art Performance Show rounded off

On October 16, the first Guqin Art Performance Show in Ningbo came to an end at the Pan Art Space of Hefeng Creative Plaza.

The performance is divided into two groups: adult group and youth group, attracting nearly 100 guqin players from the city to participate. The activity adopts both the online and offline models. The contestants register online and post the video materials of the exhibition tracks. Then the judges selected 25 contestants, including 16 adults and 9 teenagers, through online viewing and reviewing.

At the show, the players demonstrated their high-standard guqin playing skills with the appealing classic guqin pieces.

After the fierce competition, 15 players from the adult group and eight from the youth group won the final prizes.

“We aim to create a good learning atmosphere for guqin playing, expand the influence of the guqin art, and integrate this ancient and elegant traditional art with modern life through the form of competition. We hope that the show will become a fixed brand activity, and will continue to be held in the future.” said Fu Dan, a famous pipa player and chairman of Ningbo Chinese Culture Promotion Association

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