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Don't Miss This Seal Carving Exhibition at Your Doorstep, and See the Beauty of the Canal from More than 200 Printing Screens

"The sky and the earth are wide between square inches, and the intersection of gold and stone is great." At present, the 6th Zhejiang Seal Carving Exhibition of "Wu Changshuo Award" is being exhibited at Ningbo Yangfan Art Museum, and more than 200 printing screens have attracted many calligraphy and painting lovers. In front of the exquisite seal carving art works, citizens have checked in to take photos.

As the most representative special seal carving art exhibition in Zhejiang Province, the 6th Zhejiang Seal Carving Exhibition of "Wu Changshuo Award" is jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Municipal Federation of Literature and Culture and Zhejiang Calligraphers Association, and jointly organized by the Seal Carving Creation Committee of Zhejiang Book Association, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo Calligraphers Association, Ningbo Printing Society, Ningbo Tianyi Culture and Ningbo Yangfan Art Museum.

According to the organizer, the authors and works submitted to this year's seal carving exhibition reached a record high, and a total of 560 submissions were received from all over the country, nearly double the number of submissions in the past, including 103 in Ningbo.

After the procedures of preliminary evaluation, re-evaluation, final evaluation, and award evaluation, 1 "Wu Changshuo Award", 10 excellent works awards, 15 excellent works nomination awards, and a number of selected works were finally selected. Feng Li won this year's "Wu Changshuo Award".

More than 200 pieces of fine products stood out and appeared in Ningbo, condensing and highlighting the cultural connotation of "flowing canals, poetry and painting Jiangnan" in every inch, fully demonstrating the beauty of Song Yun

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