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More love called for autism group

April 2 marks the fifth annual World Autism Awareness Day. A volunteer activity to publicize and call for more love and understanding for autism group was launched in Tianyi Square yesterday. The program was sponsored by Ningbo Daily, Volunteer Branch of Ningbo Charity Federation(NBCF) and a parents volunteer organization.
During the activity, more than 60 volunteers distributed brochures to the public, handed out blue ribbons which symbolize autism awareness, and collected the public signatures. Their action aims to raise public attention and help to the special group.

Autism, different from schizophrenia or depression, is generally diagnosed at around the age of 3. It is a condition which can affect language development and the ability to relate to others.

Although the cause of autism remains a mystery, it is proved to have nothing to do with the children’s raring methods. The rehabilitation of autism largely depends on early intervention, supplemented by drug therapy. At present, there are no effective drugs or treatment to autism. Early diagnosis and intervention is essential, especially to children aged 0 to 6-year-old.

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