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Home Care Volunteer Base established in Jiangbei District

The recent reports of sudden death at home of the elderly living alone have aroused great concern among citizens. On April 6, the Home Care Volunteer Base titled "filial piety supermarket" was jointly established by Jiangbei District Youth League and District Bureau of Civil Affairs. In the meanwhile, the "filial piety" volunteer campaign, a specialized service project for the elderly living alone, was launched with the help from related colleges and universities.

The ever-increasing number of the elderly living alone has caused such problems as the shortage of beds in nursing homes and the expansion of aging group, which poses great challenges to the existing pension system and the social stability. At present, there are 45,000 senior citizens at the age of 60 or older, accounting for 18.8% of the registered citizens. The caring issue has become serious as 55% of the elderly are empty nesters. To address this issue, by the opportunity of participating in social management, Jiangbei District Youth League adopted the innovative idea of cooperation with Ningbo College of Health Sciences by recruiting college volunteers to provide services for the elderly, such as regular blood pressure and glucose surveillance, massages and healthy diet instructions.     

"We have set up eight service groups to provide door-to-door service at least once a week. Our service targets are mainly those retired elderly citizens (over 60 years old) living alone at home." said a related official from Jiangbei District Youth League. Each service group is made of eight to ten members, including three students majoring in nursing, rehabilitation and diet respectively. Each group will provide personalized services and establish health files for two to three empty nesters.

It is learned that so far eight communities in the district have been chosen as pilot areas of the service base. About 100 volunteers have entered the communities to carry out regular services for the empty nesters in those communities.

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