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Labor models from manufacturing

During the 26 years of BOC (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd., Bao Hailu has been working in the front line of the positive ring forming position of the company's alkaline battery production line. He has grown from an apprentice into one of the captains in the most advanced alkaline battery production equipment in China and the world.

As “the Premiere in the Lane” in the past 18 years, Huang Jufen, secretary of the Party Committee of the Red-crowned Crane Community, and the masses of the community have worked hard to change the Red-crowned Crane community into a quality new home... On the afternoon of April 30th, they all gloriously put on their sashes and medals, and they appeared in the "May 1" International Labor Day and the Model Workers Advanced Commendation Conference in Ningbo.

It is learned that among the 148 municipal-level labor models commended this year, the proportion of front-line workers, professional and technical personnel, personnel from the agricultural production bases and science and education personnel is as high as 86%, and among the 88 model collectives that have been commended, 60% are from enterprises and social organizations. In the industry distribution of municipal-level labor models, manufacturing accounted for 29%,

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Yinzhou Cultural Tourism Complex ignites holiday economy

On May 1st, many citizens came to Tiangong Manor in Yinzhou District to pick mulberry fruit. (Photo by Hu Longzhao and Chen Kefeng)

Yinzhou has a mixture of prosperous urban scenes and beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, as well as numerous cultural venues such as museums and former residence of celebrities. In 2019, the district focused on promoting the construction of the “Thousand Miles of Cloud Road” fitness footpaths, and chained resources such as sports facilities, leisure parks, tourist attractions, beautiful villages and museums to create a seaside beautiful garden with rivers and lakes.

Up to now, Yinzhou has completed the infrastructure construction of 79 fitness footpaths with a total length of 526 km, including ten fitness footpaths such as Baiyanshan Windmill Road, Yinzhou Park-Academy Park and 10 cultural and tourist attractions such as East bank Riverside Leisure Tour, Dongqian Lake Tour, and Coastal Town Tour.

In addition, on the first day of the holiday, the new form of tourism such as “Study Tour” is gaining in popularity in Yinzhou District. Ningbo Science Discovery Center, Ningbo Ocean World, Luomeng Universal Park and many other venues have carefully prepared activities for fun and education. Among them, Ningbo Museum launched the “Tour the Western Region – Xinjiang Silk Road Cultural Relics Exhibition”, which specially arranged the raft production experience project.

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Yinzhou speeds up development of intelligent manufacturing

The Urban Industrial Park project at the Panhuo Street of Yinzhou District, with an area of 80 mu, has recently been launched, and it will become another "innovation factory" of Ningbo. The first four enterprises to settle down in the park are the leaders in their own fields with the key core technologies. The innovation team led by Wu Huiming, a first prize winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, will also settle down in the park. 
Since the beginning of this year, Yinzhou District has accelerated its development of intelligent manufacturing, and with the strengthened industrial basis, a number of economic indexes of the district have witnessed stable growth. In the first quarter, the district achieved a total GDP of 41.7 billion yuan, up by 8.3% over the same period of last year. Among others, the added value of the large-scale industries increased by 9.9%. 
By focusing on such new technologies or new industrial formats as digital economy, Yinzhou District has witnessed the constant increase of proportion of the strategic emerging industries against the large-scale industries, and the springing-up of new growth points. Despite the general industrial pressure of the auto industry, Ningbo Premium Auto Parts Co. Ltd. achieved a growth rate of 30% in its sales volume. In 2018, the company undertook over 100 new product projects, with

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Transformation of digital economy accelerates in Jiangbei

Since the beginning of 2019, Jiangbei District has attracted the settlement of 14 software and information companies. According to the Software Transact Income System of Ningbo, there have been 58 registered related enterprises in the district, with the reported income of 920 million yuan, up by over 60% over the same period of last year. 
By taking advantage of the developing digital economy, the enterprises with new economic format have achieved rapid development, leading to the prosperity of digital economy in Jiangbei District. According to preliminary statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the added value of the core digital economic of the district reached 610 million yuan, with the growth rate of the software transact income of the district ranking among the top in the whole city. 
Despite the complex and changeable macro economic situation, digital economy has become a new highlight of the  district's economic development, as well as a new drive for the future high-quality development. 
Driven by digital economy, the key enterprises in such emerging fields as industrial internet of things, software and intelligent equipment have maintained a good development momentum. The Keli Launching Park, a featured industrial park for

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Cross-border e-commerce brisk in Ningbo

According to the statistics issued by Ningbo Customs on May 6, in the first four months of this year, the volume of the cross-border e-commerce bonded imports supervised by Ningbo Customs stood at 5.18 billion yuan, and the number of approved import declaration lists stood at 29.12 million, up by 33.5% and 27.8% respectively. With all the related indexes ranking No.1 among all the cities in China, the cross-border e-commerce bonded imports of Ningbo account for over 20% of the total of the country, maintaining a good momentum for rapid growth. 
Statistics show that cosmetic products, maternal and infant products, and health-care products are the major cross-border e-commerce retail imports, accounting for about 80 percent of the total. Currently, the cross-border e-commerce retail products are coming from 85 countries and regions, with those from Japan, Australia, the US, Korea, Germany and France most popular, accounting for 75.6% of the total sales volume. 

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