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Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition held in Bulgaria

Recently, the 2019 China (Ningbo) Cultural Day and the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition, with the theme of "tradition and innovation", were held in Bourgas and Troyan of Bulgaria respectively. 
The year of 2019 is the 70th anniversary for the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Bulgaria, and the two countries have maintained a good long-term cooperation relationship. In recent years, with the joint efforts of the two parties, they have achieved fruitful cooperation in various fields. The cultural exchange of the two countries has been the highlight of their cooperation. 
On May 1, the 2019 China (Ningbo) Cultural Day, jointly hosted by Bourgas Government, Ningbo Culture, Broadcasting, Film, TV and Tourism Bureau and Sofia China Cultural Center, was held in Bourgas, displaying such traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage items as dough molding, wood carving, embroidery, Ningbo Opera, the face-changing skill of Sichuan Opera, and balancing skills, as well as demonstrating to the local citizens some distinguished Chinese films.
From May 3 to 5, the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition was held in Troyan. Not long before, the mayor of Troyan led the delegation to attend the 4th China (Ningbo) Cultural Industry Fair, reached the intention of wide

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Ningbo Tea Culture Seminar held

On May 6 and 7, the Ningbo Tea History and Tea Culture Seminar was held, attracting over 100 tea experts and lovers from home and abroad to discuss about tea culture in Ningbo. The participants also attended the themed creation activity of the Yucheng Kiln sponsored by Ningbo Tea Culture Museum. Three pieces of precious Yucheng Kiln collection made their debut on the spot of the creation conference. 
Present at the seminar are Sun Zhonghuan, executive vice-president of China International Tea Culture Research Association, Wang Xiaoling, secretary-general of the association, Yao Jingbo, vice-chairman of China Tea Marketing Association, David Lyons, founder of Australian Tea Culture Seminar and chairman of the organizing committee of the seminar, Tang Qianxun, lecturer of Kwansei Gakuin University of Japan, Liao Zifang, president of China International Tea Art Association, Wang Jing, vice-director of the Institute of Tourism of Osaka University of Tourism, and Yu Jingren, president of Korea-China Tea Culture Exchange Association.
At the creation conference, Cai Yi, director of the Sealing Committee of China Calligraphers' Association and chairman of Ningbo Calligraphers' Association, He Shengsi, advisor of Ningbo Calligraphers' Association and a prominent artist in

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Ningbo Large Yellow Fish Swimming Southward to Strengthen Industry Chain

After four months of breeding to enable the fish in Ningde Fujian to survive the winter, 240,000 large yellow croakers have been transferred to 6 aquaculture cites in Sanmen Bay from Yiqiao Aquaculture Cooperation in Xiangshan. Zhang Jincheng, head of the cooperation, said that the sea in Fujian is warmer, and that the croakers weigh on average 150g, which can come into the market in October this year.

An increasing number of aquaculture farmers now resort to a migration method of breeding, which is to breed the fish in Southern China during winters and transfer it back to Ningbo when spring comes. “We have seen a rise in the survival rate, quality of fish and profits after we adopted this cross-provincial breeding method,” said Zhang Jincheng. Such a method brings marked benefits to aquaculture farmers. The wholesale price of local yellow croakers from his cooperation last autumn was 55 yuan per kilogram, which was more than 20 yuan higher than that of the croakers in Fujian.

Daiqu Large Yellow Croakers are a rising star in the aquaculture industry in Ningbo, to which the Aquaculture R&D Department in Ningbo has devoted a decade. According to the Head of Ningbo Research Institute of Ocean and Fisheries

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New actions for "Three Rivers and Six Banks"

Recently, Ningbo Development and Reform Commission issued a reply letter of approval about the feasibility report of the “Three Rivers and Six Banks” Riverside Recreational Zone Project, namely Sanjiangkou Park on the east bank of the Yongjiang River (Jiangsha Bridge – Yongjiang Bridge) , the east bank of Fenghua River (Lingqiao – Jiangxia Bridge), and the west bank of Fenghua River (Qinqiao-Jiangxia Bridge).

The reply letter stated that Municipal Development and Reform Commission had agreed to the feasibility study report in principle and requested the Housing and Urban Development Bureau to promptly prepare the preliminary design and investment estimate for the project. The implementation of the project will further break through the riverside breakpoints, enhance the landscape along the river, explore cultural connotations, add humanized facilities, which is of great significance for forming a continuous and vibrant public open space along the River, create a livable and comfortable modern urban core area, and upgrade the central city quality.


East Bank of Yongjiang River: Jiangxia Bridge - Yongjiang Bridge

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Ningbo listed as national 5G expansion pilot city

Recently, China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. responded to  Ningbo Municipal Government that Ningbo has been listed as a pilot city for China Telecom's 5G expansion. It is reported that China Telecom has reached preliminary cooperation intentions with industry chain partners such as Geely Group, focusing on innovative applications in smart manufacturing and car networking. At present, Ningbo Telecom has completed more than 1,000 5G site planning, and started nearly 1,000 supporting transformation projects. It has built dozens of pilot base stations, covering 5G high-speed Internet access, medical rescue, intelligent manufacturing, security monitoring and other fields. At the same time, Ningbo Telecom also conducted a 5G boutique route video demonstration at the Cultural Square. The first 5G business hall was settled in Telecom Store in Heyi Avenue

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