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Ningbo livestreaming studio off for "Double 11"

Ningbo's major live streaming agencies have also made good preparations!

On the eve of Double 11, the internet anchors are on the go.

This year's "Double 11", live streaming economy has become a highlight in e-commerce. As early as the beginning of the "Double 11" pre-sale, the top anchor broke the sales record, and the e-commerce live streaming entered the "RMB10 billion era", releasing strong consumption potential.

In Ningbo, the business of major live streaming agencies also showed a spurt of development.

"During Double 11 this year (October 20-November 11), our small goal' is to achieve more than 250 million GMV (the brand’s Gross Merchandise Volume on the e-commerce platform)." Wu Binbin, the person in charge of Liangjian Interactive Entertainment, said.

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811 million! Ningbo signs large purchase order with “Belt and Road" Countries

As the most important event of the Ningbo Trading Group of the 4th CIIE, yesterday afternoon, Ningbo and the "Belt and Road" countries trade matchmaking and major procurement project signing event was held in Shanghai.


Approximately 100 exhibitors from countries along the “Belt and Road” have trade negotiations with manufacturing enterprises, importers and distributors from Ningbo. 14 projects were signed on-site, including 5 procurement projects with an intended purchase amount of US$811 million, 7 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of US$1.454 billion, 2 domestic-funded projects with a total investment of US$617 million.

The seven foreign-funded projects mainly involve investment and cooperation in chemical industry, equity investment, industrial chain, environmental protection and complex. The source of the project covers   the United States, Germany, Thailand, and Hong Kong, China.

The five procurement projects involved meat, fast food, Indian peppers and daily necessities, as well as raw material and bulk commodity copper concentrates. The intended purchase amount of US$811 million filled Ningbo's "shopping cart" for the China International Expo.

In terms of the contracted amount of procurement projects, like last year, the food category still tops the list. Ningbo Lianbang Changyun International Trade Co., Ltd. signed a large order of US$500 million to import frozen meat from France's Deerta Company, which was agreed to be completed in 3 years. Ningxing Youbei International Trade Co., Ltd. followed closely, placing an order of RMB1.3 billion to purchase fast food products such as South Korea's Samyang turkey noodles, which is expected to be completed in one year.

Actively undertaking and amplifying the spillover effect of the CIIE, Ningbo also signed two major domestic-funded projects at the matchmaking site, including the production of raw materials and preparations and the sodium hyaluronate industrial park project, demonstrating Ningbo’s compelling business environment and innovative development to outstanding projects

SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base Settled in Haishu

Yesterday morning, SF East China Innovation Industry Headquarters Base laid the foundation in Haishu, focusing on building a new industry development platform with "smart technology + aviation multimodal transport + cross-border e-commerce + cold chain base" as its core competitiveness, and creating a new "smart logistics" business card.

It is reported that the base is located in Gulin Town, with a total area of about 136 acres, with Jishigang River in the east, Guanglin Road in the west, Yinxian Avenue in the south, and Qiantang River in the north. The total construction area is 110,000 square meters. The total planned investment is Over 1 billion yuan, with "smart" and "innovation" as the themes, is an important layout of SF Group's overall strategy based on supply chain technological innovation and smart logistics development.

SF Express, which has been rooted in the ancient forest for more than 10 years, has a deep affection for Haishu. "Haishu has a good location advantage, gathering airports, high-speed rails, postal ports, etc., and convenient transportation. The district committee and district government attaches great importance to the development of smart

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Ningbo signs big deal and opens Thai-themed pavilion at CIIE

With 2 days to go before the opening of the Fair, Ningbo has already had two pieces of good news, fully demonstrating its commercial import strength.

In preparation for the 4th China International Import Expo, the Ningbo media held a group meeting yesterday afternoon. It is reported that during the CIIE, China-Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd (CBNB) will sign a big order with Brazil's JBS for US$1 billion of meat imports, which will surely become Ningbo's biggest order at this year's Expo, and this order is US$500 million more than the biggest order signed by Ningbo at last year's Expo.

It is understood that the partner of CBNB for the Expo is the world's largest meat supplier.

Ningbo has seen a significant increase in the amount and speed of orders signed this year. In just one year, Ningbo Lianbang International Trade Co Ltd has almost completed the task of completing US$500 million in orders over five years as set out at last year's Expo. This was also the largest order placed by Ningbo at last year' Expo.

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Ningbo releases its “nature notes” on biodiversity conservation

Ningbo has been devoted to biodiversity conservation. As of today, 51 of the 2183 species of wild plants in Ningbo and 79 of the 546 species of wild terrestrial vertebrates were listed as national priorities for protection, according to the authority.

"Protecting wildlife resources is the only way to leave a biological treasure trove for future generations," the relevant person in charge said that Ningbo boasted an exceptionally favorable natural environment, nurturing rich and unique biological and natural ecosystems. In recent years, the city has been studying Xi Jinping's thoughts on ecological civilization, integrating the construction of ecological civilization into the overall process of economic and social development, and vigorously implementing major projects for biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity conservation has become a bright name card of Ningbo.

According to the city's "nature notes" on biodiversity conservation, the city enjoys 6,650,100 mu of forest area, with a forest coverage rate of about 48%, and a wide variety of plants, including 2,183 species of wild plants, 51 species of them under state protection. That covers four species under the first-grade state protection: Chinese leeks,

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