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International friends learn about the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era

“It is the first time I know about Lei Feng. I hope to be like Lei Feng to help others and spread kindness.” He Shuai (Chinese name) from Bangladesh said.

Although his Chinese was not good, he wrote “Learn from Lei Feng” with a brush on the paper in Chinese and Bengali with full sincerity.

On the morning of March 4, more than 20 international friends from International College of Ningbo University and four elementary school students from Chongzheng Academy gathered at the Red Peony International Home in Jiulong Lake, Zhenhai, drawing peonies and writing calligraphy to promote Lei Feng’s spirit of peace and friendship across national boundaries.

Most of the international friends are relatively unfamiliar with Lei Feng. “Leifeng always helps others,” Jiang Hongsheng, the head of Red Peony International Volunteer Corps, said. When she told the life story of Lei Feng in English, the group applauded together.

The same papers with different languages convey the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era. Under the teaching of Jiang Hongsheng and Red Peony international volunteer Helena, the international friends wrote down “Learn from Lei Feng” in Chinese and their own language.

“The spirit of Lei Feng, as I understand it, is to help others and to give selflessly. I will integrate this spirit into my regular volunteer service, spreading peace and friendship, and sharing happiness and contentment.” Helena, a Red Peony International volunteer, told reporters

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