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A Landmark Fashion Fortress! Ningbo's First Trendy Play Hub Will Be Built on The Old Bund

Introduce domestic leading entertainment brands to create Ningbo's first trendy play hub. In recent days, the Old Bund 6# plot project on the south side of the Bund Bridge is in full swing, and in a year, it will become a landmark fashion fortress in Ningbo covering all entertainment formats.

It is understood that the 6# plot of the Old Bund is located in the central section of the Old Bund Pedestrian Street in Jiangbei and the south side of the Bund Bridge, and the two sides are the Zhejiang Customs Residential Building of the municipal cultural protection point and the former site of the postal office of the provincial cultural protection unit. "This plot is located at the junction of the first and second phases of the Old Bund, which plays a role in connecting the old Bund pedestrian street. At the beginning of 2021, the break

point area from Ningbo Art Museum to the Bund Bridge was opened, realizing a pure pedestrian penetration of 1,640 meters along the river section of the Old Bund, but compared with the two prosperous commercial bodies, the connection point is slightly deserted, and the construction of this project will realize the continuity of the commercial body along the Old Bund. The relevant person in charge of the Old Bund Management Service Center said.

The person in charge introduced that the total construction area of the project is about 5,800 square meters, of which 3,700 square meters above ground and 2,100 square meters underground. There are 3 floors above ground and 1 basement floor, and the main functions are entertainment rooms, commercial and supporting rooms. "The project is funded and constructed by Old Bund North Shore Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and the land transfer agreement was signed on January 9, 2023, and the project was completed on January 10. The Bund Street set up a special class for the project, promoted the work of the research project every week, and approved the planning and cultural preservation in parallel, greatly speeding up the approval time, and started construction in early March 2023. Construction began 58 days after the completion of the land auction procedure, demonstrating the speed of the Bund. "The construction of this project will further promote the creation of Ningbo Old Bund National Pedestrian Street, accelerate the development and construction progress of the 6# plot of the Old Bund, realize the image enhancement and business integration of the core area and the extension section of the Old Bund as soon as possible, and better present the external image of the Old Bund as "the most fashionable Internet celebrity check-in place", "the most commercial pedestrian street in Ningbo" and "the most international cultural exchange window"

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