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The 13th Youth Visual Art Creative Competition Was Launched

The day before yesterday, the 13th Youth Visual Art Creative Competition Exhibition of "Art Creates Beauty, Cultivates the Future Together" was opened at the Ningbo City Exhibition Hall, and the visual and creative works of young people of different ages in our city were eye-catching.

It is reported that this competition is jointly sponsored by the Ningbo Youth League Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and the Municipal Young Workers Committee, and jointly organized by the Municipal Youth Palace (Municipal Volunteer Service Guidance Center), the Municipal Variety Art Education Guidance Center, and the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Research Center, and received in-depth guidance from the Teaching and Research Department of the Municipal Education Bureau.

In the early stage, the competition attracted teachers and students from 128 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools

, colleges and universities and youth off-campus educational institutions in various districts (counties and cities) of our city to actively participate. After the campus audition, regional exhibition competition and municipal shortlisted selection, the works of 167 teams were shortlisted for the finals, and finally 75 groups of works were selected for the boutique exhibition. The exhibition is divided into four exhibition areas: "Children's Creation and Childish Beauty", "Less Creation to Beauty", "Youth Innovation and Beauty" and "Aesthetic Education Achievements Exhibition", and multi-dimensional display is carried out in a combination of offline boutique exhibition and online cloud exhibition hall.

The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Youth Palace said that under the background of the new curriculum reform concept and "double reduction", all localities have spent more efforts to promote public welfare aesthetic education courses and explore visual art creative education, and these achievements have also been concentrated in this exhibition. "We not only 'nurture seedlings', but also actively 'nurture teachers'. Through creative guidance, lecture forums, and a variety of teaching and research and exhibition forms across districts, schools and ages, the wisdom of different groups of teachers burst into flames in the collision, and their professional quality, concepts and abilities have been significantly improved."

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