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Ningbo has another green urban living room

Rendering of Minghu Lake in Eastern New Town. (Courtesy of Sun Jia and Wang Zheqian

It is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development yesterday that the first bored pile of the tunnel construction of the Southern Minghu Section (Phase II) of the Eastern New City was successfully drilled, marking the substantive construction stage of the project.

The project of Southern Minghu section is located in the central area of the east of Eastern New Town of Yinzhou District, with a total construction area of about 30.15 hectares.

The works under construction include lake excavation, new islands, slow walking trails, hard pavement of parks, street sports venues, greening, public underground parking lots, ancillary buildings, road engineering, drainage engineering, urban furniture, landscape lighting, construction of ancillary facilities of parks and surrounding environment renovation.

Considering the actual situation of demolition and policy treatment, the South Section Project is divided into Phase I and Phase II, of which Phase I has been completed, and Phase II is divided into tunnel construction section and landscape section. The project is expected to be gradually completed by the end of 2025.

The tunnel sections to be constructed in the second phase of the project are Zhongshan Road Tunnel (including the ground road, formerly known as Wenwei Road) and Shengmo Road (including the bridge and tunnel co-construction area of Line 7). The tunnel is arranged in east-west direction, with a total length of 1235 meters. The construction include road engineering, bridge engineering, drainage engineering, tunnel engineering, street light engineering, landscape engineering, power drainage and other ancillary works.

It is reported that in order to speed up the project construction, reinforcement cage processing, foundation reinforcement, pile machine commissioning and other work are also being carried out during the Spring Festival in the tunnel construction section, laying a strong foundation for the rapid and comprehensive commencement after the festival. Minghu Lake is not only the core of the East Area, but also a business card for building a city of ecological quality. The completed Minghu Lake combines the spatial characteristics of urbanization and natural landscape, creating a hub urban landmark space of CBD park around the lake, and creating a new green urban living room

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