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Urban per capita disposable income rose by 10%

The press conference held on April 24 announced the economic operation of Ningbo in the first quarter this year. In face of the complex and volatile internal and international situation, Ningbo continued the recovery that started in 2012. The first quarter saw a good start in the economy of Ningbo. The GDP amounted 138.41 to billion yuan, increased by 8.3% over the same period of last year, calculated by comparable price. The increase leveled Zhejiang and 7.7% higher than the average of China. The growth rates were respectively 1.3 points and 0.5 one the yearly base. 
In the first quarter of this year, the urban per capita disposable income rose to 13,537 yuan, increased by 10.0% over the precious year, and in real terms, the income rose by 7.9%. The per capital cash income of the rural residents reaches 7,379 yuan, increased by 10.5% over the precious year. And in real terms, the income rose by 8.4%.

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