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China's first "cloud hospital" to be built in Ningbo

The on-site working meeting for Ningbo's "Cloud Hospital" was held on the afternoon of May 19, identifying the Jiangdong District, Ningbo No.1 Hospital and Ningbo No.2 Hospital as the pilots.

To promote the medical system reform and alleviate the pressure for medical resources, Ningbo takes the led to launch the "cloud hospital" trial. Different from the traditional hospitals, "cloud hospital" is a virtual online hospital. Guided by the government, the system will integrate online and offline hospitals. So far, four "cloud clinics" (on hypertension, diabetes, psychological consultation and general medicine respectively) have been put online, involving 226 contractual doctors. As a pilot, Jiangdong District will guarantee the opening of the "cloud hospital", with such goals of seeing online doctors, online medical reviews, health surveillance, and online public health enquiries

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