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City launches "Sunshine Action" to help the disabled

Ningbo Commission of Communist Youth League (CYL) and Ningbo Disabled Person Federation (NDPF) jointly launched a volunteer aid program named "Sunshine Action" on Monday. The program organized 30 volunteers, who will offer aids to 46 young people with disabilities in Cixi. More volunteers will be organized for long-term aid service for young people with disabilities in Ningbo’s rural areas in the next three years.

A major part of the program is to help these young people realize their hopes and wishes. Wang Xin (a pseudonym), an 18-year-old boy, is longing for a spring outing. Accompanied by the volunteers, he had a good afternoon in Dapengshan Amusement Park on Monday.

Fang Ke, a teacher in a special school for disabled children in Cixi, is one of the sign language volunteers in the program. She knows it is not an easy thing for young people with disabilities to go for sightseeing. "Like children in our school, except classes and extracurricular activities they had in the school, they hardly had any chances getting in touch with the outside world. Most of them have never been to an amusement park," said Fang Ke. For the

sake of safety, their parents and the school rarely take them for a trip. As a result, these disabled children had little social contacts.

Fang Ke was happy to learn the long-term volunteers service, and she also hopes more activities can be organized to help these children in need. She added, "I believe there will be more volunteers to help these special kids in the future. I hope they can take tour children to the neighborhoods, supermarkets, hospitals, and let them know more about the world."

According to the Ningbo Commission of CYL, this is just one part of the "Sunshine Action" program. They plan to organize more volunteers and offer a variety of services including life care, employment consultancy, free courses, cultural and sports activities, and charity activities. The program will become a long-term and cooperative volunteer service.

In addition to the volunteer service this year, six local companies including Dapengshan Amusement Park and Ningbo Culture Plaza participated in the "Sunshine Action". Ningbo Culture Plaza will organize free activities specifically for the youth with disabilities.

The next move the Ningbo Commission of CYL is going take is to gather information of each disabled young people under the age of 35 in Ningbo. By 2017, all youth with disabilities in urban and rural areas are expected to enjoy a long-term aid service. Besides, other groups with disabilities might as well enjoy the volunteer services.

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