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Migrant children get special gifts for children's day

In a recent charity campaign organized by charity federations in Ningbo, 3,330 migrant children from the city's 32 primary schools get near-sighted glasses as their gifts for the coming children's day, which falls on June 1. Charity federations in Ningbo spent 666,000 yuan buying these near-sighted glasses.

In recent years, an increasing number of students are suffering from myopia, or near-sightedness. With their tight budget, many migrant parents cannot afford glasses for their children. To address the problem, the city's charity federations decided to allocate special funds on buying glasses for needy migrant children. From 2011, the city's charity federations have raised a total of 1,067,400 yuan for 5, 337 pairs of glasses.

The manufacturer of the glasses is Jiangbei Jingyi Spectacles Factory. While ensuring high quality, the manufacturer offers free after-sale services. Fuming Charity Fund established by Mr. Liao Chunrong, president of Yinrun Holding Group, and his wife, Ms. Li Huaqin, funds the annual expenditure for this charity program.

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