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1.795 m yuan raised on charity day

Ningbo Charity Federation (NBCF) held its annual charity day this Tuesday and raised a total of 1.795 million yuan, which includes 240,000 yuan from 83 organizations and 1.555 million yuan from 7,496 personal donors.

The top company donor is Ningbo branch of Zhejiang Tobacco Company which donated 100,000 yuan. Meanwhile, staffs of Bank of Communications donated a total of 99,635 yuan, making the largest group donation. Next to Bank of Communications are staffs of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Cooperative and Ningbo bank of Construction Bank, each donating 72,655.5 yuan and 70,000 yuan respectively.

The portion of individual donations keeps rising. Twenty-seven donors contributed 70,026 yuan, or an average of 2,594 yuan per capita.  The figure includes 20,000 yuan from a resident named Ying Yun, and 10,000 yuan from another resident named Wang Jueqing, 10,000 yuan from an anonymous donor, and 5000 yuan from the 94-year-old Hong Zhuqing.

Meanwhile, the title sponsorship of many small charitable founds has attracted people's attention. Twenty-five individuals (households) became title sponsor of charitable foundations by donating 1.08 million yuan. Up till now, NBCF has received 731,000 yuan. Ms. Li, the largest personal donator, set up a foundation named "Sunny Fund" by donating 500,000 yuan. Setting up small charitable foundation is a new program launched by NBCF. Anybody who donates 10,000 yuan or more can create a charitable fund and choose a name for the fund. These funds are used to help needy students, poverty-stricken people, the disabled, and the elders, and in other social welfare undertakings. A donor can choose one type for his or her fund and NBCF will help to set up the fund according to the donor’s wish

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