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2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum to be held

The 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum will be held in Hong Kong on June 27. The event will surely reflect the bright light of Ningbo, the "Oriental port", and the romantic style of Hong Kong, the "Oriental pearl", and serve as a wonderful chapter of the story between the two cities.

Ningbo and Hong Kong are both international port cities, with close blood ties, cultural connections, commercial connections, and a long history of communication. Since the first Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum was held in 2002, the two cities have utilized local sentiment as a link and the forum as a medium to attract investment, talents, and social exchanges, with complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

The achievements of the previous sessions of the forum can be shown by the following statistics: 259 cooperation projects were signed at previous forums,

with a total investment of approximately 25.5 billion US dollars. As of the end of May this year, there have been 7,594 Hong Kong-funded enterprises in Ningbo, with a total investment of 141.94 billion US dollars. The contracted utilization of foreign investment is 78.06 billion US dollars, and the actual utilization of foreign investment stands at 39.69 billion US dollars. Ningbo has established 915 overseas enterprises and institutions in Hong Kong, with a cumulative investment of 9.76 billion US dollars. 17 Ningbo companies have been listed in Hong Kong, with a total market value of approximately 301.1 billion yuan.

Over the past two decades, Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum has served as an important platform for comprehensive communication and cooperation between Ningbo and Hong Kong, effectively promoting Hong Kong to become the largest source of foreign investment in Ningbo, an important trade and overseas merger and acquisition partner, and a major market for overseas listing and financing of Ningbo enterprises. In the meantime, Ningbo has also become a popular destination for Hong Kong's businesses to invest and expand into the mainland market.

Great changes have been made. From "deepening cooperation and integrated development" in 2017, to "moving towards a new era with one heart" in 2018, to "the Belt and Road Initiative" in 2019, and to "creating new opportunities for modern service industry with Ningbo and Hong Kong working together" in 2020, the themes of Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum have been distinctive and focused, quite close to the actual development of the two cities. "At present, the forum has gradually expanded from mere economic and trade exchanges to deep cooperation and exchanges in various fields such as port and shipping logistics, exhibition tourism, finance and insurance, talent technology, education and culture, and the two cities have entered the stage of normalized cooperation in many fields." said a related person in charge from the United Front Work Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee. Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum has been successfully held for 18 sessions and has received support from governments and business organizations in both places The strong support and active participation of well-known figures have yielded fruitful results, and have been praised by LOCPG Hong Kong as a "model of cooperation between mainland cities and Hong Kong".

New tasks will be carried out for new development. The 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum focuses on Hong Kong's integration into the overall situation of national development and the new goal of Ningbo to "strive to become a model city, to build a first-class city, and to rank among the top cities". By "relying on the motherland and connecting with the world", and with the theme of "promoting higher level cooperation and development between Ningbo and Hong Kong under the new development landscape", the forum aims to comprehensively promote the implementation of the "sweet-potato economy" and the "No.1 opening project", Efforts will be made to strengthen comprehensive practical exchanges and cooperation between Ningbo and Hong Kong.

This year's cooperation forum consists of one main forum and three thematic activities. The main forum will focus on promoting Ningbo Free Trade Zone and Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Zone, and signing a series of major cooperation projects. At the 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong-Macao Education Cooperation Forum and Digital Education Summit Forum, the education communities of the three places will discuss the sharing of high-quality digital education resources, and eight universities in the three cities will become sister universities. At the 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong High-level Talent and Intelligence Introduction Fair, over 20 well-known enterprises and institutions in Ningbo will launch over 600 high-end talent positions, while actively promoting effective mechanisms in talent introduction, training and exchange, internships and internships between Ningbo and Hong Kong. At the 2023 Ningbo-Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurs Summit, young entrepreneurs from both Ningbo and Hong Kong will discuss the theme of "openness, sharing, and entrepreneurship for the future" and jointly plan a new blueprint for the economic development of the two cities

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