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Natural Science Exhibition Unfolded at Ningbo Museum

A natural science exhibition “Evolution: From Fish to Human Beings” was unveiled at Ningbo Museum yesterday. Lasting for around two months and co-hosted by the museum and Chinese Academy of Sciences, the exhibition features 146 fossils and models during 500 million years of evolutionary history of vertebrates.

According to Xu Qin, the exhibition designer, the exhibition composed of five sections gives retrospect to the evolution of various species on the planet.

Visitors can feast their eyes on a wide range of fossils, models and sculptures, including those of maritime and territorial vertebrates, such as fish, dinosaurs, rhinos and bears. Driven by technology, some of the models can even move or make sounds, catching the eyeballs of visitors.

Besides the exhibition, the museum will offer courses and two lectures in natural sciences to the public from July to August

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