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Invisible bridge between Chinese and CEE youth

“I will share my personal experiences in China with my friends to help them know this country and fall in love with it.” said Peter Victor Rochodak, an online blogger from Poland.

“I have witnessed the creativity and promising future of made-in-China products. If possible, I wish to find automobiles made in China available in my country,” said Nelmin, a young man from Montenegro.

Recently, many young representatives from Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) come to Ningbo to attend the 3rd "Bridge of the Future" China-CEEC Youth Exchange Camp. From their smile and comment, it can be felt that a friendship bridge that transcends national boundaries is erecting, connecting the young generation from China and CEEC.

In the camp, it is very common to find youth from China and CEE countries with similar interests to connect China and CEE countries via the invisible bridge of friendship.

Liu Yuanjing, a Ningboese born in 1996, had started to practice piano since she was a child, and was just admitted to The Frideric Chopin University of Music to pursue her master’s degree in piano and

performing. Before this, she started Chopin Culture and Art Exchange Company that centers on culture and art exchange among college students, aiming to connect the young generation from China and CEE countries by music.

Via the “invisible bridge”, there come business cooperation, friendship, and even romantic relationship. Young people from China and CEE countries get to know each other, to strengthen their friendship and to carry the era torch of development together via the camp

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