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Hong Kong International Film and Television Festival Closes, and the "Film and Television Ningbo Army" Has Gained a Lot

The 27th Hong Kong International Film and TV Festival concluded yesterday with more than 700 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions over four days. The "Film and Television Ningbo Army" participating in the exhibition has gained a lot of fruit, connecting more than 300 enterprises, 93 intentional cooperation, and reaching an intentional cooperation fund of 110 million yuan.

The person in charge of Ningbo Oriental One Jiu One Zero Film and Television Industry Service Center informed: "In 4 days, our booth received nearly 100 exhibitors, covering film and television filming, overseas distribution, script creation, copyright trading, project investment and financing, investment implantation, post-production, film and television festivals and cross-regional cooperation. After learning about Ningbo's film and television policies, more than 40 enterprises expressed their intention to cooperate with the center.

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Ningbo to implement further inheritance of Song Dynasty culture

The cultural work conference of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee proposed to cultivate a new business form of culture and tourism, build and promote tourism with culture, and further implement the cultivation project of Ningbo’s iconic IPs and “golden name cards” of culture and tourism, by focusing on the construction of the boutique line of the Grand Canal Poetry Road and the red tourism demonstration belt, and the creation of a number of cultural and tourism boutiques such as core scenic spots and ancient towns with large investments, and towns and villages with high quality. It will vigorously expand such new patterns of cultural tourism as research tourism, industrial tourism, evening tourism, marine tourism, sports and leisure tourism, and TCM health tourism, and brighten the city tourism brand of “viewing the sea along the canal, traveling to the city of books”, in an effort to make Ningbo a demonstration city of national culture and tourism consumption, and an important cultural tourism destination in Asia.

It is also proposed at the meeting that the inheritance project of Song Dynasty style culture will be further implemented by exploring such existing cultural communities as the stone carvings of the Southern Song Dynasty and the Baokui Lane, building the “Song Dynasty

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Ningbo XiaobaihuaYue Opera Troupe Launches Activities in Communities during Summer Vacation

On the afternoon of July, 19th, Ningbo Small Hundred Flower Yue Opera Troupe held their summer community public welfare activities at the children's library of Qingfeng Community, Wangchun Street, Haishu District where you can hear childrens laughter and arias of the Yue Opera Butterfly Lovers.


Two young actors from Ningbo Small Hundred Flower Yue Opera Troupe League branch told the folklore of Butterfly Lovers in the class. They talked about the origin and the profound influence of the Yue Opera Butterfly Lovers, and performed the classical arias on the spot. After hearing about the history of Butterfly Loversthe children still didn’t know the opera well enoughTherefore, they learned to wear costumes and make poses from the actors. The two-hour activity came to the end while all kids were attached to the opera, wondering when they could have another class like this. Chenchen, a kid who had been fond of Yue opera since she was very young said, the activity is very nice, I think, we can learn a lot outside the class during summer vacation, Yue opera is very mellifluous and the costumes are beautiful, I am going to learn to sing Yue Opera to my grandparents one day”

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Cultural Banquet for the Spring Festival

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2015-02-02 11:57:04

The Municipal Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has been trying to make the cultural activities accessible by the people and benefit the people in 2014. In the past year, it has expanded the media channels for Natural Stage such as square, hall, theatre and TV. It also further upgraded public cultural service brands like Tianyi Classroom, Tianyi Library, Stars Gallery, Star Classroom and lecture exhibition. In the whole year, more than 6000 cultural shows have been held; the 331 project has been promoted to play films for the people, which set up 204 domestic sites for film playing, 58 public film bases and 54 digital film halls in the countryside. It also carried out books delivery service for the rural people. With the service, the books people ordered will be delivered to them. In the past year, more than 300 thousand books have been borrowed and renewed. 
With the coming of Spring Festival, Ningbo has prepared a series of excellent cultural products which embody the core value of socialism and are liked by the public. The cultural activities during the Spring Festival include three major parts: cultural performances and shows, exhibitions and films.

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First intangible cultural heritage exhibition unveiled in Ningbo

Being the first of its kind in Ningbo, the Exhibition of Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage opened in Ningbo Cultural Plaza last Friday, which featured lacquer painting, tiger shoes making and other cultural classics on national, provincial and city levels. The event attracted numerous local visitors upon opening.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition showcased a number of local cultural performances, including Yong opera staged by a drama club in Jiangdong District, lion dances from Fenghua, and Zaofu (meaning shoulder dancing in mandarin) from Chaiqiao Village in Beilun District.

The display area featured a number of intangible cultural heritage items. The "Ninghai bamboo" booth displayed their dustpans and baskets with a variety of patterns and shapes, which attracted many visitors. Yu Xingfu, 68 -year-old master of "Ninghai bamboo" art, said regretfully that these bamboo products are rarely produced as few people master the skill now. He added that he would be happy to teach the art skills to willing young people.

With the theme of "Understanding our traditional culture and protecting intangible cultural heritage", the event consists of a performance show, an art exhibition and a craft training class. Visitors can not only watch performances of dragon dances and lion dances on stage, but also participate in the making of certain items. They can also sit in the "intangible cultural heritage classroom" and learn traditional crafts like how to weave bamboo leaves or make dough figures.

Fenghua: “Night Pearl” to Be Built in “Future City”

During Shanghai World Expo, as the only town being selected into “Pavilion of Future”, Xiukou is honored as “Future City”. Being officially started in the beginning of this July, the promotion project of Wuling Square will be put into use in 2017. At that time, it will become a new landmark for millennium ancient town and is expected to be a bright “night pearl” in the “Future City” xikou. 
It’s learnt that, to promote tourism image of Xikou, 89 million yuan will be invested for this reconstruction, focusing on remedying the defect of the original square as well as upgrading square landscape to alleviating problems in traffic and parking and satisfy tourists’ and residents’ demand for historic culture, natural scenery and modern leisure. 
Combining with Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area and Wuling Square, the landscape design focuses on inheriting and developing landscape context as well as puts forward construction scheme in line with local conditions. The total design scope of this project covers 34,000 square meters, including 26,000 square meters of landscape design area and over 10,000 square meters of floor area.
According to regional position and construction condition of this project, the design of this square starts from city, community and culture and integrates stability, modern and nature to forge safe and convenient recreational environment with bright regional culture characteristics.

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