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New actions for "Three Rivers and Six Banks"

Recently, Ningbo Development and Reform Commission issued a reply letter of approval about the feasibility report of the “Three Rivers and Six Banks” Riverside Recreational Zone Project, namely Sanjiangkou Park on the east bank of the Yongjiang River (Jiangsha Bridge – Yongjiang Bridge) , the east bank of Fenghua River (Lingqiao – Jiangxia Bridge), and the west bank of Fenghua River (Qinqiao-Jiangxia Bridge).

The reply letter stated that Municipal Development and Reform Commission had agreed to the feasibility study report in principle and requested the Housing and Urban Development Bureau to promptly prepare the preliminary design and investment estimate for the project. The implementation of the project will further break through the riverside breakpoints, enhance the landscape along the river, explore cultural connotations, add humanized facilities, which is of great significance for forming a continuous and vibrant public open space along the River, create a livable and comfortable modern urban core area, and upgrade the central city quality.


East Bank of Yongjiang River: Jiangxia Bridge - Yongjiang Bridge

The project is the Shanshan Park section. The total length is about 0.6 kilometers, and the total landscape area is about 2.0 hectares. The overall renovation is mainly based on the renovation of the Yongjiang River Bridge area.

The riverside will be built into a “walkable and runnable” tour line, setting up a “riding” tour line based on local conditions, adding bridge pedestrian stairs and upgrading the space under the bridge, breaking the riverside breakpoint, integrating and rebuilding the park management room, and using the roof of the management house as the view point for the nightscape of the city. At the same time, the damaged pavement and facilities in the current park will be repaired, drainage facilities will be added to the water-collecting area, regional lighting, beautification of public toilets and drainage pump houses and other building facades will be upgraded, and the existing green space will be upgraded.


East Bank of Fenghua River: Lingqiao Bridge - Jiangxia Bridge

The project is the CITIC Hotel section. The total length is about 0.4 kilometers, and the total landscape area is about 1.0 hectare. The “rideable” tour line adopts the northeast road bypass plan. The “walkable and runnable” tour line uses equal replacement and cantilever scheme to connect the breakpoints.

The west side of CITIC Hotel will be open to the public, and the parking spaces and traffic lines in the hotel area are optimized. The building facade in the visible area will be repaired, cleaned and renewed. In the north side of Binjiang Park, a ground motor vehicle parking lot and non-motor vehicle parking shed will be built, and the current management room will be relocated to Shanshan Park.


West Bank of Fenghua River: Qinqiao Bridge-Jiangsha Bridge

West Bank of Fenghua River (Qinqiao Bridge-Jiangxia Bridge), including Jiangxia Park and Zhishi Park along the river. With a total length of about 0.8 kilometers and a total landscape area of about 2.0 hectares, Jiangxia Park rationally optimizes the slow-moving tour line on the basis of respecting the status quo, focusing on the implementation of green space upgrading, adding drainage facilities, rest seats, night lighting, security monitoring, etc.

The better pavement in the site will be preserved and the overall renovation along the riverside will be carried out. Zhishi park in the riverside will be built into a “walkable, runnable and rideable” tour line. The project will focus on the improvement of the bridge node area, adding pedestrian stairs, beautifying the space under the lightened bridge. The passage on both sides of the bridge will be built to connect Lingqiao Road and the Riverside Park

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