Tourism market turning hot in September

Category: Tourist Ningbo
Published: Tuesday, 24 September 2013 14:45

Statistics from major local travel agencies show an increasing number of local residents choose to travel in September this year. The number of tourists reaches a record high. Tourism routes around the Mid-Autumn Festival are quite hot. Routes to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are already fully booked.

September has long been the off-season in traveling. Why is it turning hot this year?

"Because of the cheap price," Xuan Xuejun, president of Ningbo City Tourism Agencies Association, gave the answer. After the new "Tourism Law" came into force this April, travel agencies are banned from offering "unreasonably low" prices to attract tourists. Off-season tour becomes a good choice for those who seek low prices.

The new tourism law stipulates that fixed-price tour contracts should clearly list arranged shopping trips, tips, calling for a "zero tolerance" attitude towards forced goods purchases and arranging items at tourists' own expenses. With the tourism law, prices of a number of routes may be higher. Some visitors choose to grab the low-priced trips available in September, making the traditional "low season" hot.

"The routes to Taiwan after September 20 are almost fully booked. So are routes to Hong Kong and Macau. Routes to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are also hot picks. Almost all have been sold out last month," said Xuan Xuejun. He added that these short-term tours are extremely popular and various travel agencies have received doubled tourists over last year.