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11 cultural centers in Ningbo rated as national Class-A cultural centers

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of cultural centers rated as top centers at the fifth national cultural center evaluation. This time, all the 11 cultural centers in Ningbo were rated as national Class-A cultural centers again.

“Ningbo has shown the characteristics of ‘high score, balanced score and concentrated problems’ in this evaluation, which is due to the fact that we were led by the municipal Cultural Center for the first time, and the 10 district and county  cultural centers adopted a closely linked way to effectively communicate and sort out the inspection contents, account sorting, scoring rules, weak links and other contents.” said a related person in charge of the Public Culture Department of Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting & TV and Tourism said that the city’s cultural centers will take this as the driving force to further promote the popularization of art for all, improve the service efficiency of the cultural museum, and continue to explore the application of new cultural formats such as digital and immersive experience in public cultural venues, so as to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of citizens.

In recent years, Ningbo has attached great importance to the public culture. A large number of public cultural facilities have been completed and put into use, the management and operation mechanism of public cultural services have been constantly innovated, and a modern public cultural service system of universal benefit and equality has been preliminarily completed. As early as October 2019, all districts and counties of Ningbo have taken the lead in passing the basic public cultural service standards of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, ranking among the best in the province. In 2020, in order to promote the experience and practice of universal art popularization in Ningbo and promote the transformation and upgrading of national cultural centers, China Association of Cultural Centers officially approved the establishment of a “universal art popularization demonstration and promotion center” in Ningbo.

As is reported, the evaluation and rating of cultural centers is an important working mechanism to measure the building, management and service level of cultural centers. In the evaluation five years ago, the 11 cultural centers in Ningbo were rated as national Class-A cultural centers

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