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"Ningbo Suite" played by the Songhua River

Ningbo and Harbin are more than 2,000 kilometers apart, and both cities are cities of culture in East Asia. On the nights of July 22 and 23, the two cities sang together because of music.

On July 22, the 35th Harbin Summer Concert hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism-the "East Asian Cultural Capital" City Alliance Special Concert, Ningbo Special Performance, opened at the Harbin Concert Hall. The Ningbo special session was held over two days. On the evening of the 22nd, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra brought "Impression of Ningbo-Yu Lu and Ningbo Symphony Orchestra Concert". This is also the second stop of the national tour of "Ningbo Suite" after Suzhou.

At the concert that night, a "Ningbo Suite" full of Ningbo elements slowly unfolds the long history of 7,000 years of Hemudu and 8,000 years of Jingtou Mountain. The charm of West Lake, the breathtaking scenery of Qianhu Lake, the city culture of books and port, Ningbo people's hard-working, aggressive and pioneering spirit, and the hard-core power of grand eastern port are all presented in the passionate performance.

Harbin is a "Music City" awarded by the United Nations. Since the "Harbin Summer" concert was held in 1961, it has gone through 60 years so far, and a large number of audiences come specifically for it every year. This time, the special concert of Ningbo made Harbin and audiences from all over the country feel the beauty of city and humanities of Ningbo

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