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"Holding Hands for China Dream" calligraphy and painting exhibition held

The calligraphy and painting works exhibition with the theme of "Holding Hands for China Dream", in honor of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China as well as the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, was launched at Ningbo Art Gallery on the afternoon of November 13.
The exhibition is sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party and the the Xiling Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Center, and hosted by Ningbo Municipal Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party. 37 calligraphers or painters were organized to compose a number of calligraphy and painting works with the theme of "holding hands for China Dream" over the past year.
Over 70 are chosen from the submitted works, including Chinese paintings, oil paintings and calligraphy works. With the three chapters of "creating the great cause", "reform and opening-up" and "pursuing the dream", the exhibition aims to sing praises of the communist party, our country, the people, the heroes and the great time from a unique perspective, demonstrating the prosperous development of the Chinese society and the colorfulness of the people's life.

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