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"Space capsule" hotel appeared in Huaishu Road

The "space capsules" in the hotel are neatly arranged.

In the COSCO Logistics Building on Huaishu Road in Jiangbei, a young talent hotel was recently opened. It has the largest number of "space capsules" in the city, which has become the first stop for young people seeking employment in Ningbo. Young talents who are introduced to Ningbo can apply for 7-day free stay. Besides, the station is also open to the public.

According to reports, the concept of "space capsule" comes from an independent personal rest space, similar to the space travel cockpit, which has charging, lighting, exhaust system, etc., forming a complete independent space, suitable for living alone. The youth talent station in Jiangbei District is located on the fourth floor of COSCO Logistics Building. There are 50 beds in the area, including 30 space capsules. It is a site with relatively advanced and complete facilities in the youth station in Ningbo. It is reported that this site began trial operation on July 18, and has attracted dozens of young people to stay.

In addition to the very futuristic capsules, there are also traditional youth hostels and tatami family suites.

It is learned that in line with the government's relevant talent introduction policy, migrant youth can apply through the official website of the youth talent station and can stay for up to 7 days for free. At the same time, the hotel is also open to the public, and the house price is basically between 69-99 yuan.

It is reported that in addition to this site in Jiangbei, there are also currently nine youth talent stations in Haishu, Zhenhai, Beilun, Yinzhou, Fenghua, Xiangshan, Ninghai and Cixi. They are usually located at the border of a transportation hub such as a railway station or a bus station, or in the central city of the area, which is convenient for young people to settle down and find jobs.

There is an electronic screen on the wall of the station. Every day, there are employment information released by different companies. Young people can get useful information at any time

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