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Digital twin technology empowers digital intelligence development in Qianwan New Area

Over the past few days, various highly intelligent and automated production lines are at full capacity to catch up with orders at the smart factory located in the Fanta high-end kitchen appliance smart manufacturing innovation industrial park. "This year, digital twin technology has been gradually applied in the factory, empowering the efficient production." The staff said.

 "The digital twin technology can effectively solve the problem of not being able to grasp the production situation in real time during the traditional production process." The person in charge of the factory opened the enterprise's intelligent production management platform and introduced that the digital twin technology application had "moved" the factories around Fangtai to his eyes, with information on quality, equipment status, scheduling and delivery, personnel location and other information at a glance, which can more effectively achieve the penetration of information between the horizontal system modules and the vertical factories, and enhance the the overall collaborative manufacturing capability and intelligent manufacturing level of the enterprise.

 On the other hand, as one of the first "factories of the future" in Zhejiang Province, the Zeeker factory has been empowered by digital twin technology and the industrial internet to greatly improve the production efficiency of new energy vehicles and continue to release production capacity: in the first three quarters of this year, the enterprise's output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, making it the fourth industrial enterprise in Qianwan New Area with an output value of over 10 billion yuan. In the first 10 months, Zeeker 001 has delivered 55,600 vehicles.

 Digital twin technology is not only active in "high profile" smart factories, but is also "grounded" in all corners of the daily lives of residents in new districts. In the area of city management, digital twin technology, supported by 5G technology, can be used to collect data from sensors, cameras and other devices to restore the operational status of a city's infrastructure and resource deployment in real time, allowing city managers to manage the city more efficiently by data and city models.

 In the data monitoring and command centre of the "Hai Chuang Cloud" platform of the third batch of provincial future communities, several large screens are operating at the same time, displaying data and images of the community's public area monitoring, electricity consumption and municipal pipeline operation.

 According to the platform's technical staff, the "Hai Chuang Cloud" platform is based on cloud computing and covers multiple functional networks such as tube well overflow kits, safe electricity systems and outdoor security monitoring systems through digital twin technology, showing real-time data of Hai Zhi's future community in multiple dimensions, and providing digital data for daily community management and safe operation. The "smart" wings.

 In addition, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge completed the deployment of the all-weather highway digital twin technology in September this year, becoming the first "digital twin bridge" in China, realising "lane level" accurate traffic guidance services for the whole bridge. Now, Qianwan New Area is using digital twin technology to make urban governance smarter and business management more efficient. Digital twin technology will also be increasingly used in various fields to empower Qianwan's high-quality development

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