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Digital economy in Hangzhou Bay New Zone

Recently, with the opening of three 5G base stations in the surrounding area, Geely Automobile Global R&D Headquarters in Hangzhou Bay New Zone immediately launched the first research on the nationwide vehicle network edge computing project. “After the project is completed, it can provide higher transmission rate, precise low-latency control and precise positioning for the Internet of Vehicles, and integrate the vehicle and roadside sensing information to build a cloud smart traffic ‘brain’,” said the person in charge of the project.

The digital economy has empowered the automotive industry, and “China Longwan” is expected to rise. "In the next few years, Hangzhou Bay New Zone will invest 50 billion yuan to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and automotive industry, and become the global intelligent manufacturing center for new energy and intelligent network car." The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Bay New Zone said that 5G vehicle networking technology has been widely used in the new district automotive terminals, and will lead the automotive industry in the new district to the future.

Focusing on “automobile terminals, home terminals and mobile terminals”, Hangzhou Bay New District is grabbing opportunities to promote the development of the digital economy industry. “The new district will rely on the Digital Economy Industrial Park and China Mobile East Zhejiang Industrial Park to introduce the leading brands of the whole machine, pay attention to the scarce resources of the industry chain, and introduce the enterprises at both ends of the smile curve to build a global intelligent manufacturing center for new energy intelligent network car, the capital of China intelligent home appliances and the most influential smart terminal industry clusters in East China, thereby making digital industry become a cluster of hundreds of billions." The relevant person in charge of the Digital Economy Industry Promotion Headquarters of Hangzhou Bay New District said.

The leading industry in Digital Economy Industrial Park of Hangzhou Bay New Zone is intelligent terminal. It is an important carrier and platform for the development of digital economy in our city. Ningbo Qunxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.25 billion yuan, is the first chip company to settle in the industrial park. It has been fully operational, mainly engaged in the research and development of optoelectronic integrated circuit products, packaging and testing, and testing equipment manufacturing. The estimated sales will be 1.3 billion yuan.

"Up to now, 15 enterprises have signed up to settle in the park, and 90% of the first phase of the industrial park has been reserved. The second phase of the project with a total investment of about 1.6 billion yuan was also started at the beginning of the year, mainly building production plants, R&D centers, etc." The person in charge of the Digital Economy Industrial Park said

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