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Ningbo bolstering CEECs export expansion to China

Surprisingly, on the first cloud matchmaking after the second China-CEECs Expo this year, the top one in the list of buyers was PetroChina!

 In the afternoon of 26th, Walk into Supermarkets, the CEECs trade matchmaking activity, was held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. According to the organizer, this post-exhibition supply and demand matchmaking activity is to integrate into the dual circulation development pattern and smooth out the terminal of the import industry chain of CEE goods. Thereupon, more CEE quality products will be accessible to the domestic consumer market. More than 10 buyers over the country were invited to participate, including chain supermarkets, chain convenience stores, etc.

 "We have more than 20,000 convenience stores in 31 provinces, and more than 500 in Zhejiang alone." said Jiang Lirong, the person in charge of PetroChina's USmile Zhejiang Branch. The number of USmile convenience stores ranked in the top three in the 2020 national retail list.

 Although it was the first time to participate in the trade matching event between China and Central and Eastern Europe held in Ningbo, CNPC is really ambitious. Jiang Lirong said, "The headquarters authorized the Zhejiang branch to pilot the project first. We hope that the strong combination will bring us more quality products with guaranteed source from Central and Eastern Europe through the platform in Ningbo. And after the pilot is completed, the goods can be promoted nationwide in more than 20,000 stores. As for the purchase amount, as long as they are demanded, we will not set a ceiling on the purchase amount!"

 As large exporter and market respectively, CNPC and Central and Eastern Europe expect a great cooperation.

 Three of ten invited buyers came from Chengdu, namely Chengdu Zhonghesheng Trading Co., Ltd., Chengdu Majin Trading Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Boatman Trading Co., Ltd., each boasts distribution network systems in the whole country and have secondary market distribution customers.

 Having participated in the cloud meeting, Zhang Shan, head of Chengdu Boatman Trading Co., Ltd., said, "The imported goods of our Chengdu supermarkets are still mainly Japanese and Korean. This exhibition, we have signed a deal with chocolate producer from Slovakia, the President cake from the Czech Republic, and jam from Bulgaria, all of them have their own characteristics and can create diverse marketing routes for different market demands in the future."

 Business opportunities, formed by demands, contributes to the market. It was reported that the city arranged 63 rounds of one-to-one negotiation and matchmaking in accordance to the demand of supply and procurement in both sides. “Virtual exhibition shopping & Central and Eastern European goods promotion", was hold during the event, we have invited the Central and Eastern European exhibitors, buyers, and consumers to experience Central and Eastern European countries special goods permanent pavilion with livestreamers online, so as to understand more of the good products in Central and Eastern Europe.

 The person in charge of the city's Central and Eastern Europe Expo and Cooperation Promotion Center introduced that our city will combine the efforts of all parties to jointly implement the results of the Expo, expand the exchange and cooperation with Central and Eastern European countries in all aspects, further broaden the breadth of project cooperation, and create a "never-ending" Central and Eastern Europe Expo

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