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The "14th Five-Year" Blueprint for the Smart City Construction of Ningbo

By 2025, there will be more than 40,000 5G base stations, 5G networks covering the entire city, and urban and rural broadband access capabilities reaching 2000Mbps and 1500Mbps respectively; the country's leading artificial intelligence supercomputing center will be established; there will be more than 100 smart application scenarios in subdivision areas under the urban brain ...

Recently, the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the construction of Ningbo's smart city has been released, making the future development direction of Ningbo city increasingly clear. Perhaps in the near future, a smarter life will come along with the construction of a new type of smart city.

Open and coordinated advancement of digital new infrastructure data

Everyone living in Ningbo can feel the convenience of digital, networked, and smart public service models and new urban governance concepts that bring convenience to citizens' production and life. In addition, the use of new-generation information technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has also brought about earth-shaking changes in the production and life of citizens.

"All this is due to the good foundation of Ningbo's network facilities." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau said that as of the end of last year, the city's Internet metropolitan area export broadband has reached 9000Gbps, and the broadband access capacity of urban and rural households has reached 1000Mbps, 500Mbps, IPv6 network transformation covers the entire network backbone network, metropolitan area network and data center. At the same time, our city has built more than 10,000 5G base stations, realizing 100% signal coverage in important business districts in the urban area.

The soldiers and horses have not moved, the food and grass go first. "In the process of accelerating the construction of a new smart city, the role of network facilities is equivalent to food and grass." The person in charge said that in the "14th Five-Year Plan", a network facility system with the Internet of Everything will be built to improve the basic support for new Energy level is also one of the key points for Ningbo to accelerate the construction of a new smart city. According to the plan, the city will further improve the communication network facilities, build a perception network system, and build a new generation of intelligent networks.

Strive to build a leading high-energy, perceptual, and ubiquitous network support system in our city by 2025; more than 40,000 5G base stations, 5G network coverage throughout the city, and urban and rural broadband access capabilities to reach 2000Mbps and 1500Mbps respectively; preliminary satellites will be built The communication network and satellite application service platform, and the Internet of Things in sub-sectors such as the Internet of Vehicles, the Internet of Vehicles, the Internet of Ships, and the Internet of Elevators realize the integrated construction and operation of the Internet of Things, and build the country's leading urban Internet of Things integrated open platform.

"In addition to accelerating the improvement of network facilities, in the future, we will further build an integrated and shared data resource system and build a new level of data governance." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Big Data Bureau said that since the "Ningbo City Public Data Management Measures" was officially issued at the end of 2019, Ningbo has set off a new wave of big data development. According to the data, as of now, the city has collected 10.6 billion pieces of public data, unconditionally opened up 337 million pieces of data, has built 16 characteristic thematic databases such as "benefiting enterprises and people", "prevention of typhoon and flood prevention", and launched 25 innovative applications for open data .

"And this is just the beginning." The person in charge said that according to the plan, our city will strengthen data collection governance, strengthen data sharing and call, accelerate data open application, and strive to build the country's leading artificial intelligence supercomputer center by 2025. . The data sharing platform and open circulation platform were further improved, achieving a data collection rate of 100% and a data sharing realization rate of 99%. Public data, business data, and Internet data can be effectively integrated and used widely. The openness of public data sets accounts for 30%, and the overall level of open circulation leads the country.


The intelligent super-computing city brain is ready to emerge


With the approach of the strong typhoon "Fireworks", Ningbo has launched a third-level emergency response to the typhoon and is paying close attention to the real-time dynamics of the "Fireworks". However, how to study and judge rain and water conditions more accurately to make dispatching and command more scientific and efficient? Ningbo also has a unique set of "secret weapons."

With the help of the big data analysis of the Municipal Water Conservancy Design Institute and Hongtai Water Conservancy's multiple platforms, Ningbo can obtain typhoon and rainstorm forecast data within 2 minutes, which has changed the original problem of long time-consuming and short forecasting period for the information collection of meteorological and water conservancy departments. . It seems that with the help of big data analysis, Ningbo's flood prevention and prevention platform decision-making "outperform" the dark cloud is no longer far away.

"In the future, big data applications like this are expected to bloom everywhere in Ningbo." According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Big Data Bureau, the essential logic of smart cities is to map cities in the physical world to cities in the physical world through the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies. The digital world forms a digital twin city that contrasts with the real world. In a digital twin city, decision-makers can use big data to discover the inherent laws of urban data, realize optimization and adjustment, and solve various problems in the city, such as transportation, environment, and industrial upgrading.

In fact, Ningbo has already laid out ahead of schedule. In March of this year, Ningbo City Brain was officially launched. In the cockpit of Ningbo City Brain Command and Operation Center, on an L-shaped screen of more than 200 square meters, the operation data of major transportation hubs, the flow of people data of various hospitals, and the development data of manufacturing industry The audience showed the strength and status of Ningbo...These jumping data will further exert its value and become the "new password" for Ningbo's modern governance.

"It can be said that the launch of Ningbo City Brain has opened a new prelude to Ningbo's construction of a new smart city." The person in charge said that according to the plan, the city will speed up the construction of a super-computing and smart city brain, and build smart comprehensive application scenarios and new types of wisdom. Application scenarios. Among them, the smart comprehensive application scenarios will focus on the comprehensive application scenarios of party and government organs of "whole-smart governance", the comprehensive application scenarios of smart government affairs of "no run", the comprehensive application scenarios of smart governance of "one network and co-governance", and the "one-stop connection". Smart service integrated application scenarios of "Service" and smart rural integrated application scenarios of "One Cloud Tonghui"; new smart application scenarios will accelerate the expansion of intelligent autonomous unmanned system application scenarios, big data intelligent application scenarios and 5G innovative application scenarios.

Taking 5G innovative application scenarios as an example, our city will promote the integration, innovation and evolution of 5G and ultra-high-definition video, AR/VR, industrial Internet, and autonomous driving technologies; accelerate the promotion of 5G+ultra-high-definition video, 5G+virtual reality, and 5G+ wisdom Medical and other applications, providing reliable solutions for live sales, contactless experience, medical and other industries; expanding 5G network mass connection application scenarios, accelerating the promotion of 5G+ industrial Internet of things, 5G+ smart energy, 5G+ smart emergency, 5G+ smart transportation and other fields ...

Not only that, our city will build a pioneering smart demonstration system, create a new window for smart cities, and accelerate the construction of people-oriented future communities, safe and efficient smart parks, convenient and connected smart business districts, and livable and business-friendly smart new cities.

Integrated and innovative smart industry is distinctive


Although it is not the peak season for air-conditioning production in the near future, the production line of Aux Home Appliances Group is still working day and night in the contiguous plant on the west side of Yinzhou Avenue. As one of the main production bases of Aux Home Appliances Group, the Jiangshan manufacturing base covers the core motor, sheet metal, and plastic production of the home appliance sector, as well as final assembly and logistics support. At full production, 7 million air conditioners are transported to all parts of the country every year.

As we all know, the production of home appliances is still a labor-intensive traditional manufacturing industry. However, with the continuous advancement of automation and intelligent transformation of the Oaks Home Appliances Group in recent years, the production efficiency of the base has increased by nearly 30%. With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing, Aux has gradually found the pass code for high-quality development.

The story of Oaks is not alone. In Ningbo, more and more companies are beginning to notice the importance of intelligent manufacturing. According to preliminary statistics, during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, our city promoted intelligent manufacturing through "points, lines and planes", and promoted "machine substitution" on the "points". The cumulative number of industrial robots in service reached 12,584; ”Promoted the development of automated (intelligent) complete equipment production lines, and has successfully developed and promoted 15 intelligent complete equipment production lines such as bearing intelligent grinding and assembly testing; promote the construction of digital workshops/smart factories on the “surface”, from 2017 to In 2019, a total of 5,450 intelligent (automation) transformation projects were completed and put into production, and more than 100 digital workshops/smart factory projects were built at or above the city level; a total of 7942 industrial enterprises on the standard implemented automation and intelligent transformation projects 8761.

With the continuous advancement of intelligent manufacturing, Ningbo's "point, line and surface" also has new connotations. "Dot" is to build a "factory of the future" with enterprises as the main body; "line" is to build an industrial Internet platform with industries as the main body; "face" is a collaborative industry, relying on industrial brains to form a manufacturing industry ecosystem.

"Accelerating the development of an integrated and innovative smart industry system and strengthening the new kinetic energy of smart development is an important starting point for our city to accelerate the construction of a new type of smart city during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said, among which, the acceleration of industrial wisdom Transformation and upgrading is one of the key steps.

In addition to accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial intelligence, according to the plan, the city will further strengthen the new generation of information technology, continue to expand the core industries of the digital economy, accelerate the cultivation of new business models and models, and accelerate the construction of smart industrial parks. Taking the cultivation of new business models and new models as an example, our city will combine Ningbo's foundation and advantages to focus on big data, industrial Internet, smart terminals, platform economy, artificial intelligence, "non-contact" economy, "unmanned" economy, 5G, block Key areas such as chain and virtual reality

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