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Sunflowers in Tiangong Manor are blooming

Yesterday, when I walked into the Tiangong Manor Scenic Spot, Xiaying Street, Yinzhou District, I saw 20 acres of sunflowers are blooming. The golden yellow flowers sway in the summer breeze, and are particularly intoxicating against the blue sky and white clouds, attracting many tourists.

This is a new special tourism check-in project launched this year in Wandi Village, Xiaying Subdistrict-Four Season Flower Sea.

Tiangong Manor is famous for its mulberry fruit. Now the combination of mulberry fruit with the sea of purple flowers can better create the "purple impression" cultural IP of Tiangong Manor. The current contiguous sunflowers echo the seasonal fruits such as dragon fruit, pears, and grapes that are on the market, allowing visitors to taste fresh fruits at the seaside of sunflowers. After the flowering period, it will also be used as a labor research and study base for tourists to harvest and process sunflower seeds.

"With the 'Four Season Flower Sea', the scenic environment has become more beautiful, and the number of tourists has increased significantly, which has also driven the sales of catering, agricultural products and cultural tourism products. As of now, the total summer fruit sales have increased by nearly 30% year-on-year." Tiangong Manor Leisure Tourism Co., Ltd. Yao Wen said that young people in the village put forward ideas to let the village reap economic benefits while also allowing Wandi Village to further fit in with the "urban garden" image of "flower appreciation in the month and fruit harvest in the seasons"

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