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First docking meeting for talent enterprises and finance held

"Talent can be the best match for capital. We hope to fuel up the chemical reaction between the two, and build a bridge of matching in a normalized manner, so as to promote the two-way development of the two." The recently held first docking meeting for talent enterprises and financial institutions is the best evidence of this statement.

The participating enterprises are engaged in such fields as integrated circuit design, unmanned driving, bio-medicine, and biotechnology. The on-site roadshows of talent enterprises displayed promising future development prospects. The targeted equity investment institutions and financial institutions answered questions on the spot in an earnest and sincere way.

The Talent Office of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Local Financial Supervision Bureau jointly created the docking meeting to focus

on implementing the deployment requirements of the provincial and municipal party committees to optimize and improve the business environment, building the high-degree talent financing docking platform, regularly carrying out financing docking activities in various industries and forms, and promoting the in-depth integration of talent chains, financial chains, and industrial chains.

Reportedly, this first docking meeting between talent enterprises and finance was conducted in an online and offline mode, attracting many talents to the scene in person, and attracting over 6,000 online viewers. Seeing the high efficiency and good results of the meeting, a company from Xiangshan County decided to register on site, securing a valuable opportunity for its own talent programs.

"Technologically advanced and boasting a high level of talent, the prospects of the programs are promising." said Gu Shuoshi, the founder of Insight Investment who participated in the entire process. In the current economic environment, enterprises led by talents from a higher starting point are more likely to receive support from resources including government and capital, and they are also more likely to succeed.

It is understood that in recent years, Ningbo has implemented a package of financial measures to support talent entrepreneurship and innovation, including those in investment, loans, financing, insurance, and guarantee. The "Golden Phoenix" digital talent financial service platform has been built, and a cumulative low interest loan of over 7.2 billion yuan have been issued, to attract new resources for the development of talent enterprises and promote the symbiosis and mutual prosperity of talent enterprises and financial institutions

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