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Haishu seeks for new development through high-quality investment attraction

"We are committed to applying quantum computing and quantum algorithms to the development of new energy materials, with stronger technology iteration capability and commercial profitability, and hope to boost the industrial development of Haishu District."Recently, at the "Elite Gathering" talent recruitment activity hosted by the Haishu District Investment Promotion Team in the Yangtze River Delta area at Shanghai Institute of Intelligent Industry Innovation, the leader of the "quantum computing" project, a talent program at Fudan University, made its debut and conducted a roadshow.

There are five high-quality projects in the on-site roadshow, covering such fields as next-generation information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, life and health, and new energy. The strong scientific and technological power demonstrated by the projects received bursts of applause on site.

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“Fenghua Nice” to promote Fenghua County to the world

On June 9, the activity of “sharing the Asian Games in Fenghua” was held in Fenghua Urban Culture Center. Fenghua District has released characteristic Asian Games-themed travel routes, and is the first in Ningbo to launch the unified brand for publicity. With the name of “Fenghua Nice”, the district has hired 10 foreign “social media experts” as “overseas recommendation ambassadors for the Asian Games-themed travel routes”, telling the stories of Fenghua District and Ningbo to the world.

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The ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championship Begin

On June 8th, the sails in the Dongqian Lake International Sailing Port were dotted. With the lighting of the torch by Zhou Jinqiang, Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sports, the 2023 ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championships officially began. 123 athletes from 8 countries and regions will form 22 teams to sail Dongqian Lake to compete in the men's/women's and masters competitions of ILCA4, ILCA6 and ILCA7.

Hosted by the International ILCA Association Asia and China Sailing and Windsurfing Association, and organized by Ningbo Sports Bureau, Yinzhou District People's Government and Ningbo Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort Management Committee, the event is the first international class A sailing event to be held in China in 2023.

It is understood that the ILCA Asian (Open) Sailing Championship is currently t

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At 7 O'clock Tonight, We Will Ask You to Come to Jiangbei

At 7 O'clock Tonight, We Will Ask You to Come to Jiangbei to Join the Volunteer Appointment of “Welcoming the Asian Games.”

As one of the sub-divisions of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, Ningbo's streets and alleys are changing into “Asian Games makeup”, and various “Welcome Asian Games” urban volunteer services are also in full swing.

At 7 p.m. on June 9, the launching ceremony of Ningbo's “Welcome to the Asian Games” urban volunteer service promotion action, hosted by Ningbo Municipal Civilization Office and undertaken by Jiangbei District Civilization Office, Ningbo Evening News and Yongpai Client, will be held in Binjiang Sports Park located in Jiangbei District.

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Show in Fenghua revives centuries-old style of clothing with a modern twist

The modern cheongsam show. (Photo by Yu Jianwen and Jing Shijie)

A captivating modern cheongsam show took center stage, with models adorning the traditional Chinese attire and contemporary garments, creating a mesmerizing fusion of past and present. Illuminated by neon signs, these models gracefully walked down the stone-paved streets, traversing time and showcasing the beauty of cultural evolution.

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