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Ningbo to give price support to poverty-stricken citizens

Ningbo Municipal Government recently released a document in which it is decided that from July 1, all the people qualified for the minimum living allowance and the approved low-income people and disabled people shall, in addition to the price support for their minimal living allowance, get food price subsidies in proportion to the rising food price at present.

The new food price subsidy mechanism is to be in effect during the period with the food price keeps on growing and the basic living expenditures of the poverty-stricken people keep growing, and in the period the city shall give food price support to the poverty-stricken citizens. This is a part of the basic living price subsidy system and the system of the minimum living allowance for the urban and rural citizens.

According to a related authority from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, this policy will benefit over 85,500 people. According to related rules, the basic living price subsidy and the food price subsidy shall be decided on base of a quarter of a year, and the subsidies shall be granted once every quarter with one month after the price indexes is announced. This means, the first food price subsidies shall be granted in October this year.

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