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Small ball training center completed

The exterior of the city's small ball training center. (Photo by Huang Guobiao and Xu Xin)

On March 15th, the relocation project of Ningbo Small Ball Training Center, which was implemented by Jiangbei District Public Construction Center, passed the final acceptance and will be put into use.

The project is located to the east of Airport North Road, north of Xiejia Road, west of Sunyang Road, and south of the planned road, with a construction area of 24,000 square meters. The above-ground building has four floors: one is the training auxiliary room and the training team living area; the second and third floors are the training venues. The underground two floors are parking lots, and there are 300 parking spaces. The center includes 20 badminton courts, 20 table tennis courts and 4 tennis courts. It can accommodate nearly 200 people who can exercise at the same time.

It is noticeable that the eco-environment concept runs through the entire project design. Various facilities make the venues professional. Table tennis and badminton venues are equipped with projection lights. The tennis courts are equipped with beam lights and a fresh air system. The stadium is fully covered with fire monitors.

In the tennis court on the top floor, the openable roof made of steel structure is about 400 square meters. It is the largest openable roof in the city. It not only saves the cost of lighting, but also allows athletes to fully enjoy the sport

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