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Aquatic products favored

Recently, the opening ceremony of China’s First “East China Cup” River Crab Festival is held in aquatic products trade center in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. Nearly ten Ningbo companies from places including Cixi, Xiangshan and Jiangbei attended the fair and gained favor from customers.


Mr. Rong, general manager of aquatic products wholesale market in Jiangdong, said that the opening of the center not only provided a marketing channel for aquatic products, but also brought citizens more delicious seafood. He pointed out that 15% of sea food in Ningbo markets was from Jiangsu. The percentage would increase after its opening.


Taiwan becomes Ningbo's largest source of inward tourists

On the afternoon of September 23, a conference of the second anniversary of the Ningbo-Taiwan direct flight was held in Ningbo.

Since August 31 in 2009 when the Ningbo Taiwan direct flight started, Ningbo has seen a constant increase of the number of tourists from Taiwan. At present, Ningbo has 17 flights to and fro from Taiwan every week, and the flight takes 80 minutes. According to Ningbo Customs at Ningbo Airport, in the past two years there are over 400,000 the inward and outward visitors.

"Ningbo is not only a destination for tourists from Taiwan but also an entrepot", said Li Yonghui, director of Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration. The Ningbo Taiwan direct flight has been great opportunity for Ningbo to develop its tourist market to Taiwan. In the past two years, the close cooperation of the two places has led to lots of fruits. Besides the rapidly increased number of tourists, the Ningbo Taiwan direct flight has also made changes in the tourist markets in other cities in China, said Li Yonghui. Via Ningbo Airport, tourists from Taiwan can go on to Zhoushan, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

On September 23, Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration signed strategic cooperation agreements with the tourist administrations of Taipei and Taichung. Agreements were signed between Ningbo Tourist Association and some tourist agencies of Taiwan.

Ninghai to Hold International Hiking Festival

Ningbo is to hold the first international hiking festival, following its successfully bid for setting May 19 as the China Travel Day.
The activity was initiated by the Southeast Business Paper and related departments of Ninghai. It is to be held on September 25 in Ninghai. By then, the organizing committee will invite some 30 outdoor sports clubs to drill on the very day. After that, all leaders of clubs and teams will take part in a meeting.
The news of holding a hiking festival has been welcomed by hikers. Many people, professionals and amateurs alike, have signed in. By the end of last weekend, 16 clubs and teams have signed in. The deadline for enrollment is set at September 16.

3rd China Lake Leisure Festival to be held in October

The 3rd China Lake Leisure Festival, co-sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government, Zhejiang Tourism Bureau and China Youth Daily, and hosted by the Management Committee of Dongqianhu Tourist Holiday Resort and Ningbo Tourism Bureau, will be held in the Dongqianhu Tourist Holiday Resort from October 14th to 16th. The theme of this year's festival continues to be "Lake leisure brings you happiness". The aim of the festival is to advocate protecting ecological environment and adopting the low-carbon lifestyle, to highlight the culture of recreational lakes and to demonstrate the uniqueness of Chinese lake-leisure tourism. There will be many programs, among which some major events include the conference for International Lake Leisure Association, the Dongqianhu dragon boat race, the lake leisure forum and the best dish competition. The preparations for the festival are now under way. 

Two Festivals Listed in "Top Ten Influential Farming Festivals of Zhejiang"

Yuyao Red Bayberry Festival and Fenghua Honey Peach Festival rank among the "top ten influential farming festivals in Zhejiang Province". The election of the top tens jointly organized  by the Zhejiang Provincial Agriculture Department and Zhejiang Provincial Trade Association of Agritourism, was completed successfully recently

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