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Master Class for Chinese Young Conductors Arrived in Ningbo

The second session of Master Class for Chinese Young Conductors, sponsored by National Endowment of the Arts, was held in Ningbo Grand Theater. It will last for five days, during which the world-renowned masters will nourish a number of symphony orchestras including Ningbo Symphony Orchestra along with young conductors in various conducting departments across the China.

  Thanks to the proposal of professor Yu Feng, the president of Central Conservatory Music and president of Chinese conducting association, the training program for the Chinese young conductors, sponsored by National Endowment of the Arts, started in 2015. Within six months, there will be four courses for the project, each of which generally takes seven days. Some prominent figures including Alexander Vitlin, an art director in German Hans Esler Conservatory of Music are invited to the first course. Ningbo is honored to hold the second course.

  It is reported that Ningbo Symphony Orchestra is going to set up the public open day to have two concerts as a result of the talent training

Aquatic plants help to harness pollution

On the morning of April 10, the workers were trimming and pruning the aquatic plants on the floating plant island of the river to the east of the Yinzhou Cultural Plaza.

According to the workers, the plants can absorb some pollutants emitted to the river and store them in the roots or stems, and then the absorbed pollutants can be taken away with the harvesting of the aquatic plants.

Master's workshops to be set up on campus

At the launching ceremony of the 12th Skill Culture Festival of Ningbo City College of Vocational Technology, four skill masters accepted the invitation to establish their workshops at the college

Fish fries released to improve water quality

Volunteers of the Cherry Blossom Community of Dongsheng Street poured some fish fries, which can serve as the "cleaners" of the river, into the Houtang River to further improve the quality of the water

Affiliated School of Ningbo University to be Established

On the afternoon of Apr.1st, the news from Jiangbei Education Bureau confirmed that a high-end middle school, namely, Qingteng Academy, was to be established and later opened on the first day of this September.

The civilian-run school, co-sponsored by Ningbo University and Jiangbei Education Development Co., Ltd, is registered by a public-institution legal person. It intends to enroll the first batch of seven-graders this year

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