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Four Old Scenic Spots in Xiangshan Most Popular

The Star Meeting in Xiangshan Studio( photo by Zhang Luqin)

They have attracted 280,000 tourists, earning 190 million RMB. 

According to tourist council in Xiangshan county, from 29th April to 1st May, the number of tourists in Xiangshan county amounts to 281000 with tourism income of190 million RMB, which witnesses a year-on-year increase of 13.6% and 12.3% respectively. The current statistics show the average occupancy rate of the holiday hotels has hit 82.2%.

The four old scenic spots are still popular and attractive. A series of theme activities are so exulting that the tourists are reluctant to leave, such as The ninth film and television carnival of Xiangshan Studio, Songlanshan holiday resort, the twelfth anniversary of Shipu old town. Particularly, Xiangshan Studio grosses 5million RMB in terms of admission tickets, a new height in history.

The country tourism are increasingly pervasive. During the holiday, 126000 tourists choose to enjoy the agritainment (peasant-household tourism), ushering in a profit of 15123000 RMB. Compared with last year, the figures increase by 11.5% and 12.1%.

The program “Internet Plus Tourism” is thriving: 5000 e-tickets to Xiangshan holiday resort are sold out. Over 1000 rooms are booked through internet. The net profits in the Labor Holiday reach 980000RMB


Gaoqiao Party Regains Its Glory

On April 16th, as part of the Ningbo Cultural Industry Expo, the first Gaoqiao Party was staged in Gaoqiao Town, which has a history of 800 years. 

Gaoqiao Party consisted of three sections, “Ode on Ancient Sages”, “Local Customs” and “Chinese Dream”.1200 participants from the town formed 33 teams, showing distinctions and attractions of Gaoqiao customs by many folk performances. 

It is reported that Gaoqiao Party originated in the Southern Song Dynasty in commemoration of the anti-Jin victory and was held in the third lunar month every year. Since the last one in 1947, Gaoqiao Party has not been held for 70 years

Yoga for charity

On the morning of April 22, the Peacebird Group organized a "100-people yoga activity" at Yinzhou Park. At the park, the attendees punched in by scanning the QR code for registration, and the company would then send a package of stationary to the children in the mountainous area of Gansu Province.

China naval formation starts visit to over 20 countries

The farewell ceremony of the naval voyage formation was held in Shanghai on April 23, the 68th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Navy. The formation, composed of the Changchun Missile Destroyer, the Jingzhou Missile Frigate and the Chaohu Comprehensive Supply Ship, will visit over 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania in the following 180 days

Ningbo International Glass Art Conference

Ningbo International Glass Art Conference was held on April 18 in Cixi Binhai Economic Zone with 60 glamorous art glass by 16 artists both at home and abroad.

The art glass conference, being an important composite of 2017 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industry Expo, invited renowned glass artists from 17 countries including Czech, Ukraine and Hungary.

Middle East Art Museum has been put into operation with a collection of many oil paintings by Middle and Eastern European artists. In November, Cixi Glass Art Museum will also be constructed to store the artwork on display in the glass conference

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